The propane space heater comes in a variety of models and colors. There are space heaters that can be used outside, inside and also models designed to be used in bathrooms. A space heater for the bathroom is designed so that you can either leave it standing on the floor or you have the option to fix it to a wall. It is important to use the right kind of heater in the right place. If you do you will get optimum performance from your space heater.

Most space heaters fueled by propane come with easy to read room temperature display, thermostat, ignition (electronic) and a blower fan. The vast majority of propane heaters do require sufficient ventilation in a room to remain safe. Many also require an outlet such as a chimney to get rid of burned fuel. However, some propane space heaters can be safely used without these precautions. It is essential to check with your supplier whether your choice of heater does or does not require an outlet. In fact, this is such an important health and safety consideration it should be given to you in black and white when you purchase your heater.

Propane space heaters come in a variety of prices that generally range from $109 to $209. These heaters are a real advantage to anyone who is desperate to cut down heating costs. If you live in a region that has a cold winter it is not always possible to do without extra heating. However, if propane heaters are not fixed they can be moved from area to area as required. These heaters are cost effective to run because they are fueled by liquid propane. It has been estimated that using propane heaters to only warm used areas in the home can save you up to thirty eight percent in fuel bills.

There are two kinds of propane space heaters for consumers to choose from. The one kind is circulation type and the other is infrared. Circulation type heaters make use of convection or a fan to directly heat air. Infrared heaters heat up objects and this goes on to heat the air. These propane space heaters come as unvented or vented. It is important you know that unvented may not be used in confined areas and definitely not in bedrooms and bathrooms. Unvented heaters are low capacity and there is a danger of flue gasses building up and there is also a danger of fire. They are suitable for large ventilated living rooms. It can be seen that vented heaters are better suited to heating smaller areas.

There are many advantages to propane space heaters and it is possible to get a good deal when buying one or more. Summer is always a good time to buy heaters because there is no demand for this item. In other words manufacturers want your business during this season. Another good idea is to look at online suppliers who routinely offer better prices than offline stores.