Riding Lawn Mowers

Most people love their lawns. When it comes to cutting them, however, this love can be severely tested. In recent years riding lawn mowers have become a popular alternative to walk-behind mowers for large lawns. Riding lawn mowers offe
r increased operator comfort as well as massively reduced mowing times.

Riding lawn mowers have become very affordable in recent years and are well within the reach of a typical family.
The thriving market in used riding lawn mowers has driven down prices, with many consumers searching on-line classified and auction sites in order to find the best deal possible.

Riding lawn mowers are still, however, a major purchase. The potential buyer must carefully consider his or her needs before parting with their hard-earned cash. This is
particularly true in this harsh economic climate.
When one considers the potential time-savings to be made, as well as increased comfort levels then the price can be justified.

Before purchasing a riding lawn mower one must consider the lawn or lawns it it to be used on. You must ask yourself whether a riding lawn mower is really necessary, or whether a powerful walk-behind model might be a better option in the long run.

There is also the important issue of storage. Do you have a secure place to store your investment which is safe from both the elements and prying eyes? An area suitable for maintaining your investment is also a good idea (particularly an area which can be hosed).

You must also consider the lay-out of your lawn. A lawn with a lost of obstacles will require a smaller, more agile mower with a smaller deck size. On the other hand a huge lawn will require a riding lawn mower with a huge deck which will eat up large swathes of grass. Operators with a garden full of obstacles might consider a zero turn lawnmower. This type of mower can swivel on it's own axis and is popular in the landscaping industry.

A lawn with many rises and bumps will also benefit from a riding lawn mower with a 'floating deck', in order to avoid scalping.

With regards to budget, it is important to get as good a mower as you can afford. A properly maintained riding lawn mower might last many years, so you will not want to live to regret your purchase. Whether to go used or new is also an important decision. A used riding lawn mower will obviously be less expensive, but might test your maintenance skills (not to mention your patience) to the limit. A brand new riding mower from a dealer may cost more, but may offer a warranty and easy availability of spares (and the associated peace of mind these things bring).

After considering all these points you will hopefully be better equipped to purchase a riding lawn mower, and be well on your way towards slashing your mowing times and increasing your level of comfort.