Getting new furniture is always an adventure, a good one for some, bad for others. This is an opportunity to change the look of any room. First, before the trip to the store, there is some important information that must be gathered. What is the size of the dining room? Before leaving, decide if the new furniture is going to add to the current design or be the jumping off point for a complete new decor. Next, consider the number of people to be accommodated, taking into account the size of your family and the number of party guests. In addition, furniture sets give an instant, but sometimes cookie cutter look to a room, while mix and match arrangement allow for a more individualized look.

Finally, how big is the budget? Budgets should have upper limit that is not exceeded Dining room or any room's size specifies the number of pieces and size of furniture to be bought. For the dining room, the size of the room is directly proportional to the size of the table chosen. Small dining rooms will only accommodate a small table and chairs. In very small room, the addition of other pieces will make a dining room unusable. Bigger rooms have space for wonderful expansive tables in combination with hutch, buffet, serving tables, or breakfronts. However, the shape, square, rectangular, or round, may limit the dining room furniture that can be used.

Rectangular, including square, room are very flexible. However, narrow room can become very restrictive. The room's current decor may be a consideration in buying new furniture. Wall color or wallpaper and window treatments in combination with other furniture may force the purchase of specific types of furniture. However, current decor is not a limitation, but an opportunity to change the decor.

A round pedestal dining table with leaves is the most versatile table. A round dining table brings people together into a wonderful arrangement where everyone can see and talk to everybody around the tale. Size is the important factor in buying a round dining table. The dining table will be the largest piece of furniture in the room. The overriding factor in table size is the smallest dimension of the dining room. The dining table should have approximately three feet of space between any edge and the nearest object to allow space for the diner and someone to walk behind them. Also, in very small, narrow spaces; a rectangular table may be the only choice providing enough dining space and minimum crowding.

The goal in selecting a round pedestal dining table is one that seat the entire family plus two guests. For example, a four-member family should have a table that seats six to accommodate the family and a couple of guest. Most round pedestal table allow the addition of two or three leaves. Each leaf should be sized to add two diners. This gives 8 to 12 place setting for the large dinner party or Christmas Celebration