People who are not insured are perceived to be the only market for second hand electric wheelchairs at the moment, but that could change with changes in health care insurance. A used version of the particular type of chair needed may be more expensive and harder to find in the future.
When in the market for a used electric wheelchair consider whether the chair will be mostly used indoors or outdoors as many chairs are designed for one or the other. Indoor chairs are compact with a sharp turning radius, able to fit through hallways and doorways. Always check the exact size of doors and halls that will be used by a particular chair. Outdoor chairs tackle more rugged terrain and are designed with appropriate wheels, gears, and horsepower to accomplish the task to varying degrees. If you plan to stay active outdoors, cultivate a maximum horsepower mentality and you will not be left at the middle of the hill while your friends go on.

There are wheelchairs that can be used indoors and outdoors. Consider all the particular needs of the individual when purchasing one of these. If you plan to use the wheel chair to go to Doctor's appointments and the mall consider transportability. A few are capable of being disassembled and transported in the trunk of a car. A ramp or a lift may be required to move the chair in a van. All lifts have a weight limit. Be sure to check that it is adequate for the job.

There are several battery sizes available. The battery must be able to supply maximum use of the chair for as long as one anticipates being away from a charger. Make sure the battery or batteries (as well as mechanical parts) are in top condition. There may be cosmetic dings or chips, but that is why you get to pay less than the "new" price. You can improve the wheelchair usage further by purchasing accessories such as the cheap wheelchair cup and beverage holder.

Special adaptations such as lifts and reclining ability are available on electric wheelchairs also.
Buy from a reputable firm with service and support after market for peace of mind. You can consider popular brands such as Permobil and Used Quickie wheelchairs.