Shiatsu massages, also known as acupressure treatments have very well known health benefits. These benefits are both long term and short term. In the short term, back massages increase levels of endorphins in your body, helping to provide pain relief and a sense of well being. In the long run, massages help sore and strained muscles heal faster by promoting circulation to the injured area. However, many people do not have the time or the money to get massages on a regular basis. If this is the case for you, a shiatsu massager may be your best bet to get the health benefits of a shiatsu back massage on a regular basis.

What Makes Shiatsu Different

Shiatsu massage is based on ancient Chinese medicine and is also called acupressure by many. It has its basis in the Chinese meridian system which states that energy flows around your body and illness is caused by a block somewhere in your energy lines. There are two school of thought in shiatsu, one that is completely based in the traditional Chinese method and another that borrows much from Western science and anatomy and incorporates this side by side with the ancient Chinese methods. When you are getting a massage, your masseuse will have you lay down on a portable massage table and apply pressure to the areas of your meridians that he thinks are out of balance with the rest of your body. This can be by tapping, squeezing, or rubbing, most with the fingertips but sometimes with the palm of the hand as well. This can be done as either just a back massage or a full body massage. With the full body massage, the masseuse will use facial massage techniques and other methods to give your entire body an incredibly relaxed feeling.

Different Shiatsu Massagers

When you go searching for a massager you can opt for a shiatsu massage chair or a shiatsu massage cushion. Both of these try to simulate the deep-tissue kneading pressure that a professional massage grants you. Most also try to simulate the use of fingers by having thumb-pad sized rollers in their products. This type of kneading shiatsu massager has the thumbs placed at certain points to hit the acupressure spots on your body. The rhythmic rolling of the massagers will help get rid of the deep muscle tension that can cause pain and discomfort in your body.

Generally the chairs will be better shiatsu back massagers than the cushions will. They focus on kneading instead of just pressure, which really helps to loosen up your muscles. They are much more expensive than pads, but that price comes with lots of extra comfort. Some chairs use a type of body scan technology, much like that used in high tech zero gravity lounge chairs to judge the features in your back to accurately locate your acupressure points. It then uses sensors that judge your skin temperature and perspiration levels to determine which points are blocking your meridian energy lines. On top of this, there are several different options for you to choose from to customize your massage. It's as close to a real massage as you can get without entering into a spa.

In the past few years, shiatsu massagers have come a long way. You have several options to choose from, including cushions and chairs. These different massagers incorporate some cutting edge technology to give you the best massage possible without a human being needing to be present. If you're looking for the benefits of massage on a regular basis but going to the spa every week will break the bank, getting a personal massager is well worth the price.