If you are limited in the amount of space that you have in your room and need a desk, you may want to consider getting a small desk. There are many situations where having a smaller computer desk or study desk will be more practical. One of those situations is if you live in a small dorm or a studio apartment. When things are pretty tight, you can't always fit a nice big desk in. You can't just forget about having a desk either since studying on the floor is not the most efficient way to get your work done. In order to be as efficient and productive as possible, you will need a desk to sit at.

There are many small desks that are available for any type of situation you are in. If you look online, you will see a wide range of different types of desks. There are desks that will fit under one of those half bunk beds. You can even get a small corner desk to make the most out of the corner in your room. You may want a small office desk for your business as well. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will want to check online first before heading done to a store since you will not only be able to see more choices of desks, you will also be able to compare prices and get the best deals possible as well.

In terms of price, it will really depend on your definition of a small desk. Some desks can cost under $20 while other "small" desks can cost over $100. If you want a desk with a hutch in order to optimize the air space that you have, it will cost you more. Even though you may be short on space, you will want a desk that will give you the amount of room that you need in order to do your work or study productively.

A small desk can come very useful if you want some privacy to do your work and the only room in the house that is quiet enough to do so is the smallest room or perhaps even down in the basement or up in the attic. These types of desks would be perfect for those situations. Another great use for them is if you have several children who all want their own desk. Buying a couple of big ones will just take up way too much room but if you get several small desks, it will be perfect. You can also try to rearrange your room so that you can create a bit more space as well. If you have a room that has two beds, you can get a bunk bed for example. Perhaps there are things you can stack on top of each other or even get rid of.

Of course, some of you may have already done all of the stacking and rearranging that you can think of and still only have so much room for a small desk. You can also try to find these desks on sites like Craigslist where often times there will be people who are just giving it away due to having to move or because they are doing some spring cleaning and just want to get rid of it. If you're just looking for a very simple table with four legs then you can get them for pretty cheap. If you want to maximize the small amount of room you have, then get a small desk with a hutch on it so you have extra shelves and compartments to store your items.