Give yourself the gift of luxury by installing a towel warmer wall unit in your bathroom. You can choose from several different types of racks depending on how much money you want to spend and how much effort you want to expend during the installation process.

The most basic type of electric towel warmers are freestanding models that plug simply into an electrical. These models can easily be transformed into a wall unit by purchasing a mounting kit. Many manufacturer's offer these kits for an additional fee and you can usually pick one up for somewhere between $15 and $25.

Another towel warmer is the type that replaces a radiator in your bathroom. These towel racks hook into your water supply and the hot water running through the rails is what heats your towels. Experienced do-it-yourselfers can probably handle the installation of these racks by themselves but novices will want to hire someone to avoid any accidents or damage. Of course, if you have an old radiator in your bathroom, you already have a free towel warmer, although it probably doesn't look as sharp as a heated towel rack.

Other wall mounted towel racks are hardwired into your electrical system and use electricity to heat your towels, just like the ones you plug into the wall. While this might sound complicated, the installation process is similar to installing new lights in your bathroom. Again, experience DIY enthusiasts can probably handle this but if you feel iffy about dealing with electricity, call an expert.

Once you figure out what type of towel warming rack best fits your needs, it's time to think about price. If you've already decided on a hardwired model, you might be in for a case of sticker shock real soon. The cheapest free standing, plug in electric warmers seem to run $50 and up. Add in a wall mounting kit and you're looking at $65 yo $75 at the bare minimum.

The hot water and hardwired electric models start at approximately $100 and they go up to over $7000. No, that's not a typo, there are towel racks on the market that cost more than seven thousand dollars. It's a high price to pay for a little luxury, but if money is no object, you can get some really cool looking towel holders.

If money is an object, make sure to shop around. Amazon seems to have a pretty good selection of electric towel warmers that range from about $70 to $200. This is really one of those items that it's worth waiting for a sale to buy. Of course, that isn't very comforting if you're shopping during those nippy winter months.