Tips for Buying a Used Car

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Challenges exist in purchasing a used car for both the master and first-time buyer. Keep the risks at bay by keeping  the following in mind.

Research:  First check the reliability on the brand of cars potentially of interest. Reliability studies are easily found online and in popular consumer research magazines.  As used cars typically do not carry the warranties of new vehicles, this first step becomes especially valuable. Books  on consumer reports on the topic of automobiles abound.

Online Auctions:  Be cautious on this one, but deals are out there. Check out not only the auctions advertised but as importantly, the feedback online about the auction company itself.  Pricing available on amounts at which cars have sold before  make this an excellent starting place to decide the worth of a vehicle.

Local Deals:  Obviously, check out the local offers by both independent sellers and dealers.  Online deals exist, but keep in mind the cost of delivery of those vehicles can cut away any cost savings.  Also, doing a test drive, an important step, might be difficult in the online route.

Consider the Expert:  Take someone along who knows cars other than how they look.    If the purchaser is fortunate enough to have a trustworthy friend or relative to take part, that is great.  If not, the cost could be well worth it to ask the seller to allow the potential purchaser to take the car for a quick “look over” at a car repair shop or dealer of choice. 

Do the Test Drive:  Drive prospective cars for sure. If, for any reason, the seller does not allow that, scoot right along to the next offer.

Carfax Check:  Always run an online report on any vehicle in consideration.  This easy-to-take step can give some assurance in used car purchases.

The Engine:  Great looking cars all too often  hooked right on to the back of tow trucks with serious problems causing the tow.  Well placed amenities in a car often influence decisions, but the engine is the heart. Take along a specialist. Get that engine checked. 

The Clutch Test:  Test driving is crucial here again.  Notorious problems exist with gearboxes and clutches in used cars. To test out the clutch, accelerate in a high gear.

Brakes Obviously Important Too:  On that test drive put attention on testing the brakes to their max potential.  Make that drive on a quiet, straight road.

Remembering the Paperwork:  In addition to Carfax, be sure and check out validity of the title and other associated paperwork. Legal hassles after buying a used car are unnecessary.

On a closing note, stories exist where a used car turned out far more reliable than even a new vehicle.  Lemon laws speak to that as they protect buyers purchasing new cars. New cars depreciate the moment driven off the lot.  Used cars give a viable option in getting a great deal on a car.