When buying a used Honda Civic there are many things to consider. If you are patient and you shop around, you can get a used Civic from sites like AutoHound, AutoHopper or AutoTrader for a very reasonable price. Before you begin looking though I would definitely recommend setting a strict budget for yourself. I find myself shopping from AutoTrader and the local dealerships on a regular basis and I always run into trouble when I do not have a firm budget set. Seems like every time I will run across an Si in mint condition with less miles than I would expect that is just beyond what I want to spend. By setting the limit you can cut down the chances of stretching your finances too far. If you are patient no matter what your budget is you will be able to find a Civic to meet your needs.

I also like to look for used cars that are special editions. In particular Si's can be a great steal if you find someone who does not know what they have. Many times Si's from the mid 80s and early 90s can go for next to nothing and for not much more than the stock models. These cool cars will require very little modification to be a lot of fun and also take upgrades very well. Slap on a cold air intake, a new muffler, and you could be looking at a car for a few thousands dollars that has a better horsepower to weight ratio than many brand new forty thousand dollar sports cars.

My personal favorite is the mid to late 80s Si hatchback. This car has room, great gas millage, and a lot of bang for the buck. A few simple mods and this vehicle can turn in quarters in the mid tens with ease. I have even seen some that dip into the nines, but these require some radical modifications. All in all though even for just a go around town to get groceries car the 80s hatchback is a fun ride. If you have a child who is learning to drive these are perfect vehicles to teach them how to drive stick with. Responsive, punchy, yet easy to control are the hallmarks of this car. Another car that I have a soft spot for, and I may get ridiculed for this one, is the Civic Del Sol. These cool cars are just fun as hell, but I know that many people probably do not think of them as a serious ride. If it is a nice summer day, getting out with the top down and the radio up in this sweet little ride is too much fun. Plus it can take a lot of the standard Civic mods so it is easy for me to work on. To each his own I guess, but if you can find either in the Si model with a cheap sticker price I would snatch them up.