A lot of people want to know the details or have a guide on buying a used fleet vehicle. Why? They want to because they can save a whole lot. This article will help you on buying one.


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Buying a used fleet vehicle is a good option especially for those who have a tight budget. For people who cannot afford new ones or even almost new ones, they will go for used fleet vehicles. However, the process of buying a good one despite the fact that is has been used is not as simple as you think. Follow this guide in order to ensure the quality of your vehicle.

Before transacting with anyone or even starting a deal on anything, you first have to research on 3 things:

Research on the Prices

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Before buying one, you should always know at what number to start. By knowing the exact number to start, you can now think on a good offer because if you offer them with such a low price, it might discourage the seller from transacting with you and if you offer a high initial offer, you might have no other option than to buy for a higher price.

Research is something you can not overlook here. What you must do is search through the internet the average price of the particular car you are interested in. You can do this by gathering up all the prices from the car listings online that sells this particular car you have in mind and find a number that you feel is reasonable.

Research on the Seller

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Know who you are dealing with. If it is a car company then know the company’s frequency of using cars like that or the quality of the previous cars with the same model that had been sold. If it is a well-known company that has a website then look at their site and know more about them or even look at the reviews that people made about their services and products. Always keep this in mind when buying a used fleet vehicle.

Another advantage of researching about the seller is that you will know how flexible they are on their prices. If they have a reputation on posting deals or discounts then you have an option to wait for one in order to buy what you want for a lesser price. You may also learn that they are easy to negotiate with and that they allow discounts if they are asked to – little things that save a lot. These are advantages that you should never forget in purchasing a used fleet vehicle.

Research on the Product

Is the product an obsolete one in terms of being manufactured? Does the company that had manufactured that car before still exist? If the answers to those questions are no then it is quite risky buying them. You see, there is no point in you buying them if they can’t be repaired because you have to remember that what you are buying are used vehicles. By being used vehicles, there may be a part or parts of that car that is already damaged making the repairs or the replacements of parts very necessary.

Now that you have researched the necessary points in buying a refurbished fleet vehicle, you may now move on to these next steps:

Carefully Determine Your Budget

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Simply put, don’t spend what you don’t have. The key here is knowing what you can afford in order not to sacrifice on the essential things that you should spend on. Everybody knows that by purchasing a used fleet vehicle, you save up a lot of your money but you also should understand that that doesn’t mean that you should spend unwisely. Carefully lay out what you can afford and make such deals that you’re sure you can pay on the right time.

Look For A Reasonable Seller

Some companies are just flat out strict on their prices. Try to look for a friend who you can get a good deal on or try to find a friend that works for a company that sells fleet vehicles or used fleet vehicles but has vehicles that they want to sell. Always remember this: a good friend can always offer a good discount. It is sad, but true.

Another way to get a reasonable seller is by looking at companies that has a lot of used fleet vehicles. Most companies that have a lot of fleet vehicles also have a lot of damaged ones that they are willing to dispose even if its condition is quite good. Take advantage of those by talking to people that is in the company and ask about those vehicles, the opportunity may just present itself if you start asking.

Hone up Your Haggling Skills

Who said haggling is bad? Even if it is, nobody is whining when they save up a lot of money. You see, haggling is very recommended especially if you’re dealing with used things because it has already been used. The possible points that you can raise in order to get a cheaper deal are actually many. Take advantage of that fact in purchasing a used fleet vehicle.

Look Out For Promos or Discounts

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This isn’t wrong, it is just being wise. You see, promos are being put up in order to get more customers or in order to dispose of old products – an event where you can take advantage of. Hey, don’t blame this article; you’re just helping them out by helping them clean out what they are trying to sell. It is definitely a win-win situation for both parties.


In buying a used fleet vehicle, one must always be systematic in order to get the best deal one can buy. All it needs is effort on your part in doing research, doing the necessary steps and finishing up by offering a good, reasonable deal. Buying a used fleet vehicle is never complicated unless you make it complicated.