Buying a Wah Wah Pedal

There are quite a few brands to look for when you are buying a wah wah pedal. This pedal has become one of the most popular guitar effects of all time and used by many popular guitar players.  Some of which include the psychedelic playing of Jimi Hendrix, the music of Eric Clapton, and the thrash metal of Metallica's Kirk Hammett.  The distinct sound of this pedal is just one that many guitar players enjoy putting into their music and performances.  There are many manufacturers who produce this effect pedal giving guitar players many options to buy.

If you are considering buying one of these pedals then this article will help you.  Just remember that you'll also need guitar cables, 9 volt batteries, and for some pedals you might want to use an adapter.  You can hook your new pedal to your guitar effects board or use the wah wah pedal by itself.  Generally the effect works much better with guitar distortion which is usually the preferred sound but you can experiment with all types of guitars and amplifiers to get the sounds that you want for your music.  You may go through several brands until you find the one that you'll be satisfied with.

Jim Dunlop

One of the most popular wah wah pedals is the Jim Dunlop brand.  This pedal is known world wide as one of the best wah wah pedals you can buy.  There are several models such as the original GCB95 Cry Baby.  There are artist models such as the Kirk Hammett wah wah, the Buddy Guy signature, the Eddie Van Halen signature, or the Jimi Hendrix signature pedal among others. The 535Q multi wah provides control over wah parameters, making it easy for you to create your own wah tone. Select the frequency center, then dial in the frequency range to be swept by the pedal. You can get many different sounds with this pedal. The signature models are built to the artist specifications and each have their own unique sounds.


The Vox V846-HW hand-wired wah wah pedal is a rebirth of the classic wah pedal. Vox created the world's first wah-wah pedal back in the 1960s which changed rock music. In 1967, players embraced the original V846 Wah Wah Pedal and it was heard on the playing of  Voodoo Chile performed by Jimi Hendrix at the Woodstock Music & Arts Fair in 1969.

The internal circuitry of the V846-HW uses no printed circuit boards requiring a high level of craftsmanship, skill, and assembly. This hand-wiring artistry creates an ideal signal path. Responding to the guitarist's playing the V846-HW is a great wah pedal. Vox also makes other brands such as the V847 which is an enhanced version of the v846-HW but with addition of AC power capability and a buffered input jack. 


Morley also makes this pedal such as the Steve Vai Bad Horsie which is set to his specifications. The Morley Classic Wah sets the tone of their pedals from the ones that they made in the 70s and 80s. The Pro Series II combines distortion, volume and wah in one pedal. The distortion works independently of the wah/volume with drive, tone, and level knobs.

Other Brands

There are of course other brands of wah pedals but this would be my top three with the Vox and Dunlop brands being the best.  The MXR MC404 CAE Crybaby Dual Inductor Wah Pedal is another brand to check out. Of course this is all a matter of tatse and you'll need to decide for yourself. I own the original Dunlop GCB95 and I love that pedal, it's my favorite. Have fun making some nice wah sounds with your gear.  Try a wah with some good distortion pedals for a killer sound.  Buying a wah wah pedal can really change your overall sound.