One who is thinking of getting a new washing machine, should get a lot of information first and compare prizes in order to make the right choice. In this article you will find some ideas that might finding the right washing machine a little easier and I will make a list of good washing machines.


When choosing a new washing machine, various things are important. I will write down a list with things you will have to think about:

How much money are you able and willing to spend?

What seize can the machine have? ( would you, for example, like a drying machine that will be placed on top of the washing machine?)

How much energy may the machine use?

How many turning do you want the machine to be able to make?

What kind of functions do you want?

What size do you need? How many clothes will you have to wash?

Those who are living in the European Union are used to seeing energy labels everywhere. These go from A++ to G. A++ being the best for our environment. Usually these products are a little more expensive, but usually the machines that have labels ranging from C to G, are older and use more energy and therefore are more expensive in the end.

The many turnings the machine can make gives an indication of how wet the clothes will be after they are washed. When the number of turns is about 1000, the clothes be more wet than when your washing machine makes around 1600 turns, the wetness will decrease a lot. Huge washing machines will work well for big families, whereas a smaller size is cheaper when the family is small too.

Washing machine brands

There are many washing machine brands. Famous brands are Miele and Bosch. These machines are known for their good quality and for the fact you can trust them. However, they aren't the cheapest either. Whirlpool and Zanussi are also well known and are middleclass when it comes to prizes. Then you have brands such as Edy and Indesit, these cost less than the others. There are huge differences between the brands, differences concerning prizes and quality. You better spend a bit more on a decent washing machine, especially not since you will be most likely to use the machine for a long time. You better buy a machine with a two year guaranty. And by the way, not all good washing machines are necessarily expensive.

The best washing machines


Miele sells washing machines that are expensive, however the brand's machines are voted the best. When you buy a Miele, you know you have bought something good. The brand is known for making quality products and you pay for that. W3821 andW1713 did do really well in tests.


Zanussi isn't as expensive as Miele, but for what you pay, you get a really good machine. The models that have been tested did do well enough. ZWF3145 and ZWF 1410 Trentino passed all the tests in a good way.

AEG Electrolux Lavamat

This one is in between Zanussi and Miele when it comes to prizes. Number76850 and 64840 did really well in tests as well.

Where do I buy a washing machine?

There are a lot of places where you can buy washing machines. Of course you have stores, but there is a wide range of offers at internet as well. An advantage of buying online is that they usually bring the purchase home and install it. However, it's impossible to see the machine beforehand in real life. This is possible when simply visiting a store.