Stop Before You Shop:

Apple iMac g4

If you're looking to buy an apple imac g4 laptop or desktop, you'll want to make sure you know for sure what you're getting into. Apple is notorious for innovating and constantly re-inventing their product lines, and if you don't see something available that you like right now, it's more than likely there will be a new release of an upgraded model within the next few months to half a year. However, if you're certain you are interested in an apple imac g4 you'll need to decide whether or not you want the certainty afforded by a brand new unit at a higher price, or if you're willing to settle for a used imac g4 at a much more affordable price.

New or Used?

Although apple products are generally praised for their high level of quality and resulting durability, you still want to observe a few caveats before buying a used computer. There are not only potential physical or hardware issues that could arise (i.e. the previous owner, dropped, dinged, poured coffee into or otherwise grievously disturbed the computer itself) but also potential software issues. If your apple imac g4 computer was not properly wiped before you purchased it, it could still be suffering from viruses, overloaded file systems, cluttered desktops or obnoxious and bulky spyware programs.

If you are leaning toward the value and affordability of a previously owned apple imac g4 computer, you will want to make sure your distributor has thoroughly formatted the computer, performed a full bevy of performance tests, and generally delivered the computer to you in a "fresh state". You shouldn't be burdened by the previous owner's poor usage practices, so you'll also want to ensure the establishment you purchased a used computer from offers some sort of warranty, even if it's only for 30 or 90 days. Avoid "AS-IS" transactions, as this is basically a watch-word for something is seriously wrong with this thing you're about to buy and I'm going to let you guess what it is.

Apple iMac Desktop

Why Get an Apple iMac g4 Anyway?

Some of the most popular features of these computers include their unique design, their easily rotatable and fully positionable 15" LCD screens, and their streamlined usage (the CD tray is found in the center of the base. Though no longer considered to be pushing the envelope by any stretch of the imagination, the hardware in these units is definitely respectable: average technical specifications included Nvidia graphics cards with 32 MB of video memory, hard drives ranging from 40 to 80 GB's, and processors ranging from 700Mhz to 1Ghz.