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Taking the basic idea of a blanket a step further, electric blankets not only retain body warmth but actively generate intense heat via electrified webwork within its fibers. If you want to buy an electric blanket, make sure you check out these quick tips about getting an effective electric blanket that is also safe.
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Electric Blankets in Crisis: Tingly Caretakers or Midnight Murderers?

In the past 20 years, some very disturbing reports have emerged in which electric blankets either spontaneously combusted, or gradually over the course of extended use caused intense burns to their wearers. While some of these incidents were attributable to now-crispy fools trying to put their electric blankets into an outlet other than the type the product was designed for, some other incidents troublingly eluded all attempts at explanation. For this reason, electric blankets began to develop villainous and pre-meditative reputations. What's the scoop these days?

While great strides have been made to improve the overall safety of electric blankets and similar products, there are still a few causes for concern. If an electric blanket is bunched up improperly, it's possible for the folds to generate excessive heat in a focused area, which could potentially lead to burns. An additional issue is the potential for heating wires to break, which could lead to combustion or intensive points of extreme heat.

Some users have raised concerns about using electric blankets while pregnant, or in conjunction with sensitive medical devices such as pacemakers. The Electric Blanket Institute, which oversees health concerns and safety information for electric blankets, has outlined a few basic tips. Although there is still debate back and forth about whether or not these devices are safe for use while pregnant, the institute recommends forgoing their use for 9 months, just to be safe and avoid overheating trauma to the fetus. As regards pacemakers, most hospitals and clinics have found no problem or interference whatsoever when it comes to a patient with a pacemaker using an electric blanket. Nevertheless, it's always advisable to discuss their use with your doctor, first.