More people are drinking wine these days. People eventually learn that wine is not best at room temperature. This is especially true during the summer time. When wine is lukewarm the taste of the alcohol overwhelms the more fruity elements. There are several ways around this. Extremely wealthy people can afford to have wine cellars in their mansions. This is quite expensive and out of reach of the everyday person. Wine refrigerators are another option. However, one does have to remember that it constantly consumes electricity as it is essentially a mini refrigerator. If you only have wine occasionally, it might not be worth it to purchase one. Another option exists though: the instant wine cooler. This is great as it is not constantly consuming electricity. It is very convenient as well as you do not have to plan ahead and put your bottles in the refrigerator a few hours prior to a meal. Chillers can be expensive though so it is important that you take precautions and use some money saving tactics.

You should probably buy from an online retailer. They are almost always cheaper than stores. This is because they have a lower cost base. While it makes sense to buy some things in-person (food because it goes bad and clothes because you need to try them on), instant wine chillers are perfect to be online because they are easily shipped. And since the competition is quite fierce online you will be able to get a good price with great service. Be sure to check out several retailers. And don't forget to include the price of taxes, shipping and handling. Some retailers quote a very low price but then have a very high shipping fees. You might want to buy additional accessories as well to save on total shipping cost. A wine dispenser might be perfect for your household.

If you are going to buy from a store, you should be cautious. Try to go to a store that has a good selection. If you go to a small store you might only have one or two choices. Also be wary of salesmanship. Many stores compensate their staff with commission.