When searching for a coffee table, you may have considered getting one with a white marble table top. This is certainly a popular choice, and one that has much to commend it. For starters, marble of any kind can make a very attractive surface for a table top. Not only that, but it is very durable if cared for correctly. White marble has seen extensive use in home furniture, and can be found in many buildings around the world, including some of the famous buildings of antiquity. White marble has classical associations of beauty and has long been considered a superb stone. Getting a marble coffee table made with this stone can add a touch of class to any living room.
Whether you get a round marble coffee table or one that is square, oval, or rectangular, you should first make sure you know what is involved in owning a marble table. While it's not nearly as much work as caring for a pet, say, marble does need special care in order to look its best over time. That's because it's porous and has a softness that belies its denseness. Any acidic substance, even one as mild as juice, can stain the marble. This is true even when you seal the surface of the marble, which it is recommended you do once a year. Coffee will also leave nasty brown or yellow stains if it comes into contact with white marble. For these reasons, you should always use coasters to rest drinks on and you must be very careful not to spill anything on the table. If a spill should inadvertently occur, wipe it up immediately. You must also make sure that any cleaners you use are okay for use on marble, and white marble in particular. Waxes can turn white marble yellow, which is something most everyone will want to avoid.
If you find an antique marble coffee table for sale, the marble will be a good indication of how well the table was cared for. Any spills and negligence should show themselves easily on old marble, so an antique in mint condition is a rare find indeed (unless it's fake!). If you find an antique marble table that you like, but feel that the marble has become blemished with time, or if a table you own has become stained, it is possible to get the table resurfaced. This procedure is quite costly, but can be considered if you have a white marble coffee table that is special to you. Of course, if you take good care of your marble, it will continue to please for years to come. With keeping marble in good condition as with so many other things, prevention is the best cure.