Which Device To Buy

Two very popular devices and is it hard to choose which one to buy? Lets have a look at all of the various factors that might influence your decision. We have to look at price, functions and usage, battery life, weight, cost of using and the technology. There are personal factors though that have to be taken into consideration.

Why do you want either an iPad or a Kindle

Kindle (38851)Do you read a lot of books and want to get more into reading them digitally. Perhaps you are fed up with the carrying of loads of reading materials when you go somewhere, and you want it all in one place. Both of these devices will let you take your PDF documents, so you can take anything that you can create on your Mac or PC with you. You can have with you, your newspapers, magazines and books you have bought and even free books.

Cost of buying an electronic reader

How much money do you have, is an important questions too. If your budget is low and you only have enough money that will get the Kindle for you, then your decision is made for you already. If your budget is to the level where you can buy an iPad then you may have to think a little harder as to what you want to do. You may still get the Kindle if it really is just reading you are interested in. If money is no object then you could get both and take out the one that suits most for the day.

Which Model

Both of the devices have different versions. Kindle WiFi, Kindle 3G + WiFi and Kindle DX. The iPad has the three different sizes of memory then choose either WiFi Only or with 3G.

The Benefits Of Each Device

iPad plus points:-

  • Excellent colour display.
  • Long battery life.
  • Can read if in a dark room.
  • Can do lots of other things limited only by the apps you can buy.
  • You can get books from the Amazon Store with the Kindle app.
  • Full WiFi available and 3G if you get that model.
  • Audio so you can listen to audio books

Kindle Plus points:-

  • Price, cheaper to buy the device.
  • You can read in strong sunlight such as on the beach.
  • Connects by wireless but without any data fees.
  • You can lend a book to a friend with a Kindle.
  • Has a physical keyboard, although the keys are a bit small.
  • Light weight.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Text to speech and audio books

The reading experience

The reading experience on both devices is fine. On the kindle you have a button to press to turn the page and on the iPad you can swipe the screen to turn the page. Some have said there will be more eye strain with the reading off the screen of an iPad, but it depends on you and your eyes. Many have not found this to be a problem with reading for long periods of time. You only have to look at the plus points for each to see what the downsides are of each device. If you are in a dark room your best option is the iPad. On the beach you want the Kindle. If you are reading standing up then the Kindle is lighter. When you are sitting down and you can support your device on your knees then it doesn't matter which one you have.

Text Sizes

You have eight different sizes of text with the Kindle so that you have large print available in all your reading material. With the books you have in the iBook app on the iPad you can change the size of the text and with the PDF documents you can do the pinch onscreen to be able to zoom in. Also in the iPad you can choose the font from small selection and turn on or off the sepia colour. The sepia colour is easier on the eyes.

The two book Stores

The iBook Store compared to Amazon Book Store. There is no comparison in terms of what books you can buy, the choice on Amazon is amazing. The iBook store is new though, and it could get better in time. Both book stores have the limitation on book choice, placed on where you live. In some countries the stores will have very little and this is something that the publishing industry has to sort out. If I was a best selling author I would want worldwide distribution of my work un-hampered by regional boundaries.

Content Creation

The Amazing iPad (38852)If you want a device that is for content consumption only then the Kindle will be Ok for you. If you want to do some content creation too, then you have to get the iPad. You can use the iPad for business as well as for entertaining yourself either in the home or while you are out travelling.

iPad versus the Kindle Decision TIme

The conclusion is one that only you can come to after weighing up all of the pros and cons. The fact that the Amazing iPad is so much more than a reader is appealing. But how does that factor in with the extra cost to buy, in relation to what you want to do with the device you will choose. Would you like both but not really want to carry both devices if you were on a trip somewhere. It could be that, like me you are a bit of an Apple fan in which case there is only one way to go. Good luck with your choosing of your electronic reader. Don't forget also that there is the Sony Electronic reader and the Nook.

Other tablets coming on the market too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is making an appearance now too. It is Android powered and also has the 3G connectivity if you choose that model. The screen is only 7 inches compared to the iPads' 9.7 inches. There is an Android market for buying apps and there is a books application and a Kindle app. It will be interesting to see how the Galaxy fits into the market.