Gun Show

Gun shows happen all over the country, every month. While the types of items at these show differ from region to region, the process of getting a good buy remains the same.

1. Before any money or energy is spent on ground at a show it must first be spent studying. Knowing exactly what type of firearm and it's true value are key to getting good deals. Some reliable resources include: Gun Traders and Gun Digest, but there are many others, as well as the many more on the Internet. Also knowing how to  judge firearms as being in certain conditions be it Excellent, Good, or Fair will help in saving a few bucks.

2. So you have an idea of exactly what type and value of the firearm you want to buy? However, before you jump on the first one that you see, walk around the show and look at what exactly is being place on the tables. You just might find that the one wanted as you walked in the door, was cheaper down the line.


3. Now just because you have found what you were looking for, that doesn't mean you should pay what's on the sticker. Many vendors at gun shows usually price their items way above actual value, and just because you think you've got a good deal, doesn't necesarily mean that you got exactly what you paid for. It is always good practice to fully examine the piece to be purchased. If you find that it is excellent condition, go ahead and buy; if it is not at the least in good display condition, you sould probably pass on it.

4. After you have walked around, been to a few tables, and had a chance to examine a some different firearms, the decision to purchase is here. Many vendors have switched to using portable Credit Card readers and some even take checks, although the latter is scarcer then the former, but if you wish to have more pull, Cash is King. Cash tends to have more pull when haggling with vendors, especially on the last day. So if you want to save a couple bucks, always pay with cash.

5. Lastly, the decision to purchase a firearms is not one to take lightly and the laws differ from state to state, so always be sure to check your local laws before buying and make sure all paperwork is properly recorded. Good Luck!