The rapid development of the Internet in the last few years had, as a consequence, growth of the
number of online stores. Whether you are buying shoes, clothing, car parts or even considering how
to buy diamonds online – everything is just a few clicks away. For many purposes, there is no need to
leave the comfort of your home while buying something, but (as always), this type of buying has its
cons since it is much easier to make a fraud within virtual world the Internet offers.

In the great movie titled "The Shawshank Redemption", Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding (portrayed by
Morgan Freeman), while being asked from Andy Dufresne (portrayed by Tim Robbins) to buy him a
rock hammer, says: "if the risk goes out, the price goes out". That is exactly the point of buying
diamonds online. If you are victim of online fraud while buying shoes for some 20$, you will be angry
for a few days. But, in the case you buy a diamond that cost a few thousand dollars and you have
been saving money for a longer period of time, not only you will be shocked, angry, depressed… but
as well your fiancé, wife, husband or lover will also suffer for not getting his or her diamond. Let us
check the most important things to consider while buying online a piece of this precious stone.

First of all, you must inform yourself about the diamonds and the abbreviations that are usually used
in the diamond business. The diamonds themselves have some certifications; they usually provide
the information about their quality. Naturally, if their quality is higher, the price will also be higher. If
you are not certain what some the certification represents, make sure to inform yourself properly.

Once you have done this step, use Google (or your preferred search engine) to seek for the diamond
retailers and dealers. This is also the tricky part since (because of the fraud reasons we have already
mentioned). Consider the companies that have greater offer of diamonds and once you have
selected a few of them, consider checking them at the professional diamond trade associations.

Check their offer and once you have found the diamond you like, compare it within the companies
you have selected. The comparison we are talking about refers to the information presented in the
certification (information about their clarity, carat weight, color and cut), but as well to the price of
the diamond. Additionally, you may also visit the "Price Scope Website" determine the "proper"
prices of each diamond regarding their specifications.

Once you have done all of these steps, roughly speaking, you have "googled" for the online stores,
chosen the company, verified it and chosen the diamond, it is time to complete the purchase.
Certainly, before you click the "pay" button, contact the seller to inform yourself about return policy
and similar information.

Finally, once the diamond has arrived, take it and visit the appraiser with a good reputation within
diamond industry. The appraiser will check the accuracy of the information stated in the
certifications in relation to the diamond itself.