Buying silver bullion will protect your financial future

Why is buying silver bullion so essential for your financial future especially in this current economic climate. The past 18 months we have seen and experience sharp rises in fuel, food, house commodities yet our incomes are being reduce and jobs are being lost.

Inflation is at a rise and the US dollar worth is at a decline, due the mass printing of federal money being circulated around the economy in the attempts to get us out of the recession.

However the average Joe should ask themselves where is all this printing money coming from, is the money being printed backed by the country gold or financial reserves? if the country is in a trillion dollar worth of debt how can a country just print money ..where is the worth in the dollar backed by?

Buying silver bullion bars is a way to prevent inflation!

These are all good questions after all it seems like history is repeating it self; after the first world war Germany was in major financial trouble owing vast amounts of money whilst their economy crumbled.

What did they do then, they simple printed more money, but because they didn't have the Gold or silver bullions in their accounts, their currency slowly became worthless and super inflation happened.

To put it in to modern context when a country currency that is as major as the US dollar falls people tend to go back to the origin currency such as gold or silver, this is because gold and silver have over the past 5000 years been the foundation measurement of how all currencies are valued against.

Its been proven over history that when the governments that do not have the gold or silver reserves to back up their currency the government and politician themselves play Russian roulette with the value of their currency by printing more.

"when a currency can not be redeemable in gold or silver, its value depends entirely on the judgement and the conscience of the politicians" 2006

Now in the past couple years we have seen sharp rises in gold and it is now breaking the 1100 dollar a ounce mark and it seems like it will keep on going further as the government keeps bailing banks out and creating money out of thin air.

So where does silver come in , silver is like gold its value is what all other currency is measured by, however unlike gold , there is actually a shortage of silver in the world due the high usage of silver in electronic goods and house goods like mirrors, cell phones, lights, computer chips etc.

Silver is also still very cheap at the moment going at $17 a ounce which is a bargain as due the scarcity of the commodity it is predicted by many experts to be worth more than gold in the future.

Buying silver bullion..How?

There are many ways to buy silver from stocks, to bonds, however the best way and the only way I would do it and many experts would agree with me is to buy the precious mental straight out in its tangible form, many companies offer to sell you silver in this form and its called bullion bars, now these bars are imprinted with its measurement of finest on the bar which should be .999, the weight of the bar e.g. 1000g and which malt the silver bullion came from, also when buying a silver bullion bar from a reputable dealer there comes a attachment of a certificate verifying the authenticity of the bullion bar.

There are many places to purchase silver bullion bars on-line, however make sure you do some research on the company and that the company actually has a real premises,a contact number and are officially licence to trade silver bullion bars.