To increase your dog's feelings of safety and security, make an investment in a dog kennel. Whether placed indoors or outdoors it will provide a haven for your pup. There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing, and the following guide will help you find the right model for within your home and to increase the comfort of your canine companion.

Wire Dog KennelHow Big Must My Kennel Be?
Many pet owners think that the bigger the kennel, the more comfortable the dog will be inside it. That is not the case. Though a large animal will require a large enclosure, pet owners should find one that is just large enough for the animal to stretch and turn around in it. Any bigger and your pup will lose some of the feelings of security that this den-like enclosure will ideally provide.

How Much Will A Kennel Cost?Wooden Dog Kennel
The cost will depend on the size and quality of construction. In general, a large wooden dog kennel (also called wooden dog crates and dog crate end tables) will be priced higher than a plastic model. Even high quality pens can be purchased for less than $100, while larger, more elaborate pens may cost well over $200. Keep in mind that in addition to purchasing a pen for your pup, it will be necessary to buy a bed for the space as well. Factor this cost into your budget.

Are Kennels Only Used Outdoors?
Outdoor Dog KennelThough some may think of the traditional dog house when they hear the word kennel, more and more animal trainers are recommending that even indoor pets be crate or kennel trained. An indoor crate will give your pooch a place within your house that she feels is only hers, which many trainers believe leads to a happier, calmer pet. An indoor enclosure may be placed anywhere in your home, but consider somewhere that is easily accessible but away from too much foot traffic.

For those with a small dog who travels with them, a portable dog kennel is a great asset that will help your pet maintain a sense of normalcy even while on the road.

All dog lovers, even those with indoor pets, should find a dog kennel that is appropriate for their home and their dog. You will certainly be able to find a dog kennel for sale in almost any pet store or online retailer in a color palette that will fit the décor of your home.