One of the reasons why many people are going in for laminating their important documents is because they know that those documents are going to be preserved for a long time. A laminating sheet is bonded upon the document in such a manner that it does not damage the document. This document can now be said to be preserved behind the transparent sheet, and be used continuously without any worry about it getting damaged. People are using laminating machines to laminate the documents from IDs to important papers which need to be kept around for a long time.

- What is a cold laminator and what are they used for

There are 2 distinct types of laminators, a hot laminator and a cold laminator. The reason why cold laminators are more forward than hot laminators is because you do not use electricity to laminate the document. You just put the document right into the machine, and turn the crank or the handle. The cold laminator is going to laminate your document in a short while, making it ready for use. This cold laminator has a transparent roll of film placed in it. The moment you put the document in for laminating, the film is going to be bonded upon the document to make it a perfect laminated and transparent product.

- Different types and brands

Cold laminators normally use an adhesive to bond the film to the paper. There are plenty of brands out there, and one is hard put to see which one suits your budget and your requirements best. You might want a small cold laminator to use in your home, or a large one to use in your office especially if you have plenty of documents to laminate. So different cold lamination product brands like GBC can give you the best offer of lamination.

- Their advantages and disadvantages

Cold laminators have more advantages than disadvantages when compared to a hot laminator. Not only are they extremely easy to use, but you are not going to need to worry about any injuries caused by burns, which normally happens to be the case when one is using a hot laminator. These laminators can be set up anywhere, and one does not have to bother about electricity to use them. They might be comparatively slow in laminating your document when compared to hot laminators, but you are not going to have to worry about any bubbles or any waves showing up in the end product. You do not even have to bother about temperature settings or regular maintenance, which is the lot of keeping a hot laminator in the premises.

- How to choose one

One does not need to go through long processes of searching for the perfect cold GBC laminator, as long as you know your requirements and specifications. Do a little bit of price comparison and research, before you go in for a cold laminator.

- How much do they cost

You can get the laminator of your choice at reasonable prices from USD30-USD500, according to the company, your requirements and the size of the laminator.

- Where to buy

Cold laminators can be found online, in your nearest stationery shop, or in retail shops, according to the company and your requirement.