Buying a trash and recycling bin is not usually high on a persons list of things to do.  After all it is just a place you keep your trash until you haul it out to the curb.  However, a small amount of thought into your next trash can purchase can save you a lot of clean up and unwanted mess that comes along with handling a weeks worth of trash. There are a number of factors that effect the longevity of your trash bins and no one likes to be on the receiving end of a trash can failing.  Avoiding that trickle of garbage water or clean up of garbage after a raccoon has had his meal is possible by keep just four factors in mind.

Be Aware of Your Location

Your location matters a great deal in regards to choosing a trash and recycling bin.  Extreme temperature ranges effect both your garbage and your bins.  If you live in a hot climate where blistering Summers are the norm, than your garbage is more prone to have an increased oder.  Even if you store your trash can outside the smell can waft into your windows or to an outside patio area.  Having a bin with a tight-fitting lid can help contain the oder.

Cold climates are not immune to waste bin issues.  Trash barrels made of cheaper plastic can become brittle in freezing temperatures.  Rough handling of the bins in the cold can cause the plastic to break apart.  Choosing a garbage bin made of a higher quality material can greatly prolong the life of your trash cans.

What to Look for in a Bin

Choosing the Right Trash BinCredit: Amazon.comThere are four main characteristics that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for a new trash and recycling bin.  Once you have checked those boxes it can all come down to a combination of preferred style and price.  This is not an exhaustive list but will serve the purpose of making sure you end up with a functional and long-lasting garbage bin.

Material: The material of the bin is the number one factor in how long your trash bin lasts.  We have all seen the trash collector toss bins from the back of the garbage truck.  Week after week the bin will take this kind of physical abuse and a poor quality material will eventually break under the assault.  Once a trash can has cracked it is only a matter of time before it becomes completely useless.  Invest in a high quality plastic bin.  The thickness of the material is also a good indicator of the durability though it is not always the case.  A simple way to test it is to just pinch rim of the trash can with your fingers and see the width between your fingers.  While metal cans do have high durability the weight of them can make them hard to drag to the street.  The bottoms of metal cans also have a tendency to rust out.

Drainage: No matter how you store your garbage bins there is bound to be a few times where liquid gets into the bin.  This could be because of rain, cleaning, or throwing away a still full fast food drink.  Having a bin with proper drainage will let that liquid run out before it has a chance to sit and become stagnant.  Insects like mosquitos are quick to lay eggs in stagnant water which makes for a major annoyance.  All a trash can needs is just a few holes in the lowest part of the bin to properly drain any liquids.

Wheels: Investing in a trash bin with wheels is a great way to save stress on your back and prolong the life of your trash can.  When a trash can is too heavy to carry we simply grab the handle and drag it along the driveway.  This will quickly grate away at the bottom of the trashcan and greatly reduce its durability.  Paying a little extra for a model with wheels will let you easily pull even the heaviest loads of garbage without a single bit of damage to the bin.

Animals: Wild animals, and even some domestic, love garbage.  It is a primary food source for animals like raccoons and skunks.  While no trash bin can change the eating habits of these animals, you can prevent them from having dinner in your trash can.  A tight-fitting lid is typically all that is needed to keep them from digging into your trash.  If you live in an area with a high population of these animals, than a lid with a stronger clasp might be called for.

Hopefully these tips will help you pick a trash and recycling bin to meet your needs.  Garbage storage and removal shouldn't be something that requires a lot of your time and effort, but take the time at the start and pick the right bin for the job.