The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been touted has the best smartphone of it's generation and the iPhone Killer. Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 for under $200 if you knew it was from a very unusual source? By the way, the current price is $800. That mean it is not a device for the poor on minimum wage. Have your say:

This Galaxy s3 smartphone look like its going to really be a good phone for multi- tasker's. Its is really gi8ven you the three devices in one. I would purchase one for under $200 if it was attached to a plan. I would buy it unbroken from a trusted retailer, but I wouldn't buy a stolen one. I am sure a phone that costs $800 retail would not be a easy on to steal and just be used by anyone. - Orlando

I would not purchase any current generation smartphone at this price assuming that it wasn't part of some promotion from a major telecom company. This is a situation where "too good to be true" and "buyer beware" applies. At that pricing point I am relatively certain the product I am purchasing is either fake or stolen. It wouldn't be worth the potential downside to spend the $200. If fake, it won't work as advertised. As stolen, it could be seized and never returned. I would prefer to keep the $200 in my pocket and continue to use my iPhone, which is of unquestionable providence. IF I were interest in a galaxy s3, I would spend significantly more money and purchase it in a secure transaction. As far as its reputation as a phone goes, I have generally heard positive things, but to say it is the best phone out there smacks of significant hyperbole. - Champaign, IL

This Galaxy s3 smartphone would be a good deal, if it was from a legal source. I would not purchase it from an illegal source for many different reasons. For one, chances are that you would get caught, and nothing is worth getting into trouble for, especially a cell phone which will be replaced in six months with a better model. Currently I am using the Samsung Galaxy S, first version, and I would love to improve my model of phone. But these specifications seem exactly like what I have currently. I am sure it has a faster processor, but if I wait a bit, I can upgrade for free. And free and legal is much better than two hundred dollars and illegal. - Springfield, MO

I think its a great phone with great specs. If it was under $200 that would be great. However, I would never buy from an illegal source. Thats immoral. Who knows if its a fake or if it was stolen. I'd be suspicous. It wouldn't feel right. I wanted one when I ordered my new phone but it was too expensive and since I wouldn't go through an illegal source i had to get a differnet cheaper phone. - Seattle, WA

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is not the best smartphone available. However, for the price under $200 (illegal or not) is a steal for this quality of phone, and I would definitely purchase it for this price. However, if there were a wider variety of phones for the same price, I may reconsider my choice. - Lake Elsinore

This Galaxy s3 smartphone appears to be the most loaded of any phone so far but I don't think I would buy it even at under $200 especially if it was from an illegal source. I'm finding that packing lots of things onto a phone does not mean it will last a long time. It only makes it more of a target for thieves and when they break down, as they all do you're still out a lot of money. Another thing to consider is how long I’d plan on having the phone before a newer better version came on the market and I’d want that one. - Bay City, MI

The Galaxy s3 smartphone looks like an absolutely fantastic device. From my experience with my current phone, the HTC Wildfire S, I can already say that I love the Android operating system and the apps available. However, I find that my current phone is lacking and tends to crash often. The features included with the Galaxy S3 are also substantially better than the ones on my current phone. For example, the AMOLED screen and the 8MP camera. So yes, I would definitely consider buying a Galaxy S3. Under $200 is a fantastic deal, however knowing that it comes from an illegal source produces somewhat of a moral dilemma, as the phone could have been stolen from another person. I would still be likely to purchase the phone from that source, however would feel fairly guilty. - Bonny Bridge, GBR