All the big fans of the Toy Story movie series will love some Buzz Lightyear Games Online. Buzz Lightyear is one of the main characters in the movies, having a great personality and being an overall hero. Buzz is a space ranger operating from Star Command. He has the idea he is not only a toy figure, but an actual superhero. This results in many hilarious situations in the movie.

Not only in the movies is Buzz Lightyear a famous person, there is a lot of merchandise around this space character. Take for instance a Buzz Lightyear Backpack, a backpack which is covered with the toy figure. Gives a great feeling to a lot of kids. But, there are more things to find, and what is better than finding the kids toys online?

Buzz Lightyear Games Online

There are a bunch of (free) Buzz Lightyear Games online, a little list is easily created.

NASA's 'To Infinity and Beyond'

This game made by the NASA is made with an educational purpose. This game allows your children to learn all kinds of things. When you are starting this game you can choose from a menu in what grade you are. This results in different quests for the different levels.

For instance in the first mission Buzz needs to fill up his ship with some cargo. When you select the K-2 level you need to add different amounts of kilograms to each other. When you select a higher grade you don't only get the cargo in kilograms, but also in grams. This takes another level of thinking of course.

You can select from a list of mission, each have their own learning point in them. This Buzz Lightyear Game is well used when you are looking for a way to practise math with your kids.

Dan Dare - Lots of Buzz Lightyear Online Games

On Dan Dare you can find a couple of games to play. For instance 'Operation Alien Rescue', where you need to rescue the little green aliens from the movie, the three eyed little toys who really like the outside world.Buzz Lightyear Games Online

An easy game, nothing special, but fun!

Another one would be the Space Ranger Training, where you need to shoot as many targets as you can, but make sure you don't hit Woody or Rex, as those are still your friends.

Box 10 - Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

The last game to highlight over here is the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command over at Box 10. This game is one of the most easy games there is on the internet, you just need to shoot your enemies or avoid them while you are traveling through a cave. The longer you play, the more enemies will come at you and the harder it will get. Something like the old helicopter game you know from the early computers. Shoot or avoid!

With all of these Buzz Lightyear Games Online the children who love the little Space Ranger will have enough places to go to! The best thing is, these games can actually be fairly educational, as you can see with the NASA game.