C-mount security cameras are the original security camera. They were developed in the 1970's and are defined to this day by their rectangular mold. This shape was necessary because nearly all the CCDs were bigger than today. As chip technology has improved over the years, camera sizes have reduced allowing for designers to create additional shapes. in todays world, the security camera manufacturers make a variety of camera types, the now most prominent being the bullet camera. Despite no longer defining the industry, there are many advantages to using a c-mount camera in your security setup. The biggest of these reasons comes down to resolution, because c-mount cameras still offer the highest resolution of any security camera type. Their advantage in resolution os due to their increased size when compared to other security camera kinds. C-Mount cameras can handle a 1/2 inch chip set, but most smaller cameras are limited to 1/4 or 1/3 inch chips sets. With an increased size chip set the sensor has more pixels than a smaller one, and a greater number of pixels results in a higher quality video. A larger chip set also makes the camera be able to pick up light better in low-lighting conditions. C-mount cameras make excellent indoor cameras, but they must have special mounting brackets and a c-mount camera housing to be used outdoors, as they are not well-shielded from the elements. Because of their superior video quality, large businesses and government compounds make use of mostly c-mount cameras. The effectiveness of a c-mount camera to capture a usable image in dark conditions is measured by a stat called lux rating. A lux is used to express how much ambient light there is available. The lower the lux rating the better the camera performs in low light conditions, but keep in mind, the low lux rating come with a higher price tag. One of the things to keep in mind when looking at buying a c-mount camera is the fact that they are one of the only cameras that do not come with a lens. C-mount cameras are significantly more adaptable than other security cameras, but their price can be higher as all their parts are customizable. This results in an initially more expressive, but less expensive in the long run camera The largest drawback of a c-mount security camera is that they are hard to use outside. If you want to use a c-mount camera outdoors, you will need to obtain a c-mount housing, which will give it protection from rain, wind, and the elements. Another piece of equipment you will need is a mounting bracket, this allows you to mount it in a variety of positions and on specialized surfaces. Particular housings come equipped with a heaters and blowers so that they can be used in the very high and low temperatures. C-mount cameras also increase the likelihood a criminal might abandon his plan, as their bulky shape makes them extremely easy to see. As such, many banks, businesses, and government offices use them. They make the very obvious statement "You are being watched." Basically, c-mount cameras are the first security camera to turn to if you want a low maintenance, high resolution video, an indoor camera with virtual cornucopia of options, or an excellent low light camera. On the other hand, If you are looking for an outdoor camera that does not necessitate having the absolute highest quality video or lux rating, you may be better off with a bullet security camera. For an indoor environment and high quality video, you can't go wrong.