Am I the only one getting frustrated with CAPTCHA codes? The other day I was signing up for a membership to a website and I was required to enter a CAPTCHA code to complete the sign up. Sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong.

It took me about 10 minutes to enter in the correct code. If you are not familiar with what a CAPTCHA code is, then take a look at the picture below.

Example of CAPTCHA Code

Google CAPTCHA Code

Background on Captcha Codes

CAPTCHA is an acronym which stands forCompletely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.  It is also referred to as “capture codes”.

Essentially, CAPTCHA codes were created to make sure that humans were filling out web forms or accessing websites, not automatic form-filling software. The special codes also serve to prevent spammers from auto posting on blogs and forums.

The Problem With CAPTCHA Codes

While everyone would agree that the CAPTCHA code system does a good job of preventing auto filling and spamming, the issue is that the system may be preventing legitimate users from accessing information, as well. This not only hurts webmasters who are trying to build their subscriber base, it hurts web users as well.

Let me show you step-by-step how capture codes can hurt webmasters aand webusers:

  1. Web User is searching for a solution to a problem online.

  2. Web User finds a website that may have the answer to his problem.

  3. Webmaster requires that the Web User to enter their name and email address plus they have to enter the characters they see in the CAPTCHA box.

  4. Web User after several tries cannot decipher the characters in the box and essentially says, “F#$k it” and leaves.

  5. Web User still has not solved their problem.

  6. Webmaster lost a subscriber and, possibly, a future customer.

Alternatives To CAPTCHA Codes

There are a couple of alternative methods that websites can use to make sure that humans, not computer programs, are accessing their sites. According to web consulting company, Even Grounds, which specializes in developing solutions that make technology accessible to people with disabilities, there a couple of solutions that can be used like math problems, voice CAPTCHA, and simple questions. Even Grounds also includes other viable CAPTCHA solutions.

So Am I The Only One Getting Frustrated By CAPTCHA Codes?

Apparently not. Truth Rage, a YouTube video contributor, expressed his feelings about CAPTCHA codes in the video below. 

A Suggestion To Website Owners

Obviously, web users are getting irritated with confusing CAPTCHA codes. Website owners should consider looking into other alternatives in order to improve web user experiences online.