A Painless Way To Save Your Money


Really?  Coffee can money as today’s topic?  Yes and here’s why.

 Have you ever read an article about an eccentric old man or woman that has died leaving behind thousands of dollars stuffed in a mattress?  Well, today’s article is similar but with a twist.  Coffee Can Money, a simple way to save money without having to trust your local robber barrons… okay, your bank, same difference I think sometimes.

Here’s the scoop on saving those thousands of dollars over time. 

First, go out and buy another can of coffee.  The cans used to be five pounds but have now been redesigned to hold less (3 pounds) while still making you believe you’re getting the same amount.  Regardless, buy the can, drink the coffee and get a good liquid buzz on.  Then use the empty can as your own personal bank.  Simply cut a small slit in the top of the plastic lid.  Replace the lid on top of the can and begin working on your next million dollars.

Now, every day when you get home check your pockets for all of the extra change you’ve received throughout the day and drop it into your Coffee Can bank.  You won’t get rich overnight but you will begin to see a substantial amount of growth as the days go by.  The most important thing to remember is that if you start digging into the can for change for the laundry, a little snack or anything else you’ve defeated your purpose.  In reality you don’t need to do that.  Just go to the store, buy something and get the change that way.  And remember to take the change remaining after you’ve used what you need and put that into you Cash can also.   CaChing!  You’re Rich…er every day.  How cool is that?

You should share this method with your kids too.  They’ll be searching under the couch cushions every day and maybe even pick up the lost penny lying on the ground while walking to school.  It will be fun for them to have their very own Coffee Can Bank money that is all theirs to do with as they please.

So how much can you expect to save in this Coffee Can Bank venture?  Well, the last time I did this I saved in only eleven months over nine hundred dollars.  I used that money to go on vacation and felt pretty good about the fact that I didn’t have to take out a loan or feel the least bit guilty over spending money that I already had.  I had a great time and when I returned from my trip guess what I did?  Yep, I started my next vacation fund all over again.

Just one more thing you should consider.  All those people that stored their money in the mattress probably had a pretty good night’s sleep with all of that extra padding.  You, on the other hand, might sleep a little fitfully should you decide to store the cans under you mattress.  I would suggest that you bury them in the back yard instead.  It will drive your neighbors crazy when they see you in the back yard with a lantern late at night digging up your yard.  And you might make some new friends too when the local police come to question you about what it is you’re burying back there late at night.  Should be fun!