CCTV kits are composed of an analog camera, transmitters and monitors. The camera serves as the eye of the system; it is responsible for capturing and recording the events that occurred within its covered space at a specific span of time. Usually a CCTV uses a VHS tape as its method of recording and storing a 24 hour surveillance video on one tape. Transmitters are like transportation units that transmits the video to the monitor where the video can be seen and analyzed.

This technology has been around for a while and is very useful in so many different ways. CCTV kits have played very important roles in terms of surveillance and security. We usually see this kind of system installed in banks, shopping centers and even houses; pretty much anywhere that needs monitoring. In any locations these CCTV camera kits are able to monitor everyone that come in and out an establishment. It helps determine possible law breakers and intruders. They make it easy to identify troublemakers and even people who are involved especially in road accidents in certain situations. Places where these cameras are installed are proven to have less criminal activities than those which do not. They make people think twice before doing anything stupid knowing that someone's watching over. These CCTV cameras are also used in conducting research and experiments. It would be easier for the researchers to observe even if they are not physically present.

As everything advances nowadays especially in field of technology, CCTVs also have their more advanced models. Wireless CCTV kits are among those models. This kind of CCTV uses a wireless receiver to eliminate the cables connecting the camera, transmitters and monitors. The camera transmits a video to the receiver that is connected to a television/computer which produces a full color video with a clear sound. Wireless CCTVs are also armed with an ability to see in low light or total darkness but the images will appear in black and white or green and black color only. This wireless technology can transmit as far as 100 meters provided that there are no major obstructions or interference and drops down to 50 meters through walls and ceilings. Some models can even pick up even the slightest sounds with the use of ultra sensitive microphones. Some can send email notifications when it detects something out of ordinary and some can even determine the person's age and gender by processing the picture. These are just some of the features that have been added to a CCTV, making it nearly impossible to fool. The possibilities of a CCTV to improve are endless. Every now and then powerful features and accessories are added to this system making it more useful and helpful than ever.

Home CCTV kits, wireless kits and other CCTV options are available in a wide range of prices. There are cheap CCTV kits and there are those that are a little bit more costly, depending on how advanced and high powered the models are. Cheap or expensive, as long as you have this technology installed at home or in your office, it will surely prevent or at least reduce any kind of loss.