As you probably now, truck driving can be a very good career for several reasons. Truckers are paid quite generously. Unlike other jobs with strong salaries it does not require a college degree. Truck drivers don't need to deal with a boss everyday as long as they keep their driving record clean and make good time. They also get to see the entire United States and Canada. Long haul trucking is not for everyone, and for those who don't like it can get a local trucking job. But there is one big important piece of paper the government requires truck drivers to have. CDL license training is not super easy or cheap. But it is not difficult to get if you are hard working and determined.

You might first not like the fact that the government is telling people who and who can't be a trucker. But you need to remember that trucks are enormous machines that can be dangerous to fellow drivers. Keeping the bar high also prevents a flood of people taking driving jobs, which keeps salaries high. So the CDL system in the long run is actually good for someone that is skilled and hardworking.

To get your CDL license training, you will need to go to a trucking school. As previously mentioned, this is not going to be very cheap. Figure a couple thousand dollars. Definitely check out the websites of various trucking schools. You will see that they vary in price. Most offer two types of classes. The day time class is the quickest. It usually lasts for several weeks. This is the recommended route if you don't have any other commitments. It will allow you to get a trucking job as soon as possible and start earning money. For those currently with a job, many trucking schools offer a night time class. Most last for several months. This is longer than the day time class but it allows you to work at the same time. This tight schedule will probably be stressful so you need to be prepared.