CD storage for car, home or office can always be a challenge.  You want them handy, but you don’t want to find them on the floor covered in muck either right?

You can get visor storage which works too, but what about all the other things you have in your car?  We are spending more and more time in our cars, and in many cases the car has almost become a second home with commuting and shuffling kids from here to there.

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High Road SwingAway™ Driver Organizer XL (Black)

Cd storage can be an issue, but so can other items, such as phone, sunglasses, papers and more.  If you feel you need more storage than the simple visor system, then consider getting a storage system that will keep all of those things in one spot right on the front seat.

This particular setup will not only find you the cd storage solution you need, as there is a pocket for cd’s etc, but also a spot for everything else you may need on your commute or even a long trip. 

It fits right onto the front seat, and makes it easier to grab the things you need without being distracted.

The only problem I find with visor storage is that if it gets too heavy the visor drops down and everything pours on your lap while driving.

Plus really do you drive along and then pull the visor down to pick a CD? 

If you have a front seat storage system such as this High Road Swing Away Driver Organizer, you can pack your favourite cd’s and simply reach over and grab one.

This system works really well for the commuter who tends to plop everything on the front seat and then finds it and the cd’s on the floor once they arrive after their commute or stop and go traffic!

This is much easier to organize and can be packed ahead of time with your favourite music CDs, sunglasses, files for work, bottle of water, your phone and more.

If you need to pick up a passenger, then this can simply be transferred to the back of the seat, and you can then leave it up to your passengers to find the right CD!

So, if you are looking for cd storage solutions for your car, then you could go the visor route, but then you need to pick your cd’s before you start driving and have a couple of the front seat, or you can simply purchase a car organizer that sits clearly and safely on the front seat with everything you need at your fingertips.

The less distractions the better and having CDs flying off the front seat while you are driving can be a big distraction or having your visor come down with all the CDs is another one.

You can purchase cd storage for car, home or office at many office supply stores, and most electronic stores, but you can also get great deals and more to choose from online at sites such as Amazon.

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