Few things are as reflective of the bride and groom as CD wedding favors. This musical gift can literally be the soundtrack of your love. Easy to make and personalize it is little wonder that these favors are so popular at weddings. The cost can be well under $1 each making them a truly inexpensive wedding favor. Few products are as customizable and easy to distribute and use.

The best thing about a CD wedding favor is the story it tells. Couples can individually pick out songs that they each enjoyed prior to meeting and then fill out the story with songs that have become uniquely theirs. This is more of a time capsule approach and will bring back many great memories for the bride and groom. Another method of creating these musical tributes is to base it on the theme of the wedding. It is easy to fill a CD with songs that are reflective of the style of any wedding. If a particular theme is not chosen (like a beach theme, winter theme, etc.) there is still music that can be chosen to represent the formality of the event. Classical music and traditional wedding songs are always fine, but many opt for free-from jazz or other more avant garde instrumentals as a reception backdrop. There is almost no way to go wrong!

CDs are incredibly inexpensive to make. A bulk spindle of discs can drop the cost down to ten to twenty cents each. The packaging can be a simple cardboard slipcase, traditional plastic jewel case, or fancy cut paper holder. Again, it all depends on the available budget. It is very possible to keep the cost down to less than $1 if they are burned on a home computer. It may take some time, but will be well worth it. It would be virtually impossible to have them pressed in bulk anyway due to copyright restrictions.

The ability to customize on so many levels it the main reason that these cheap wedding favors are so popular. First the music is chosen to reflect a mood or style. Next, the label can be imprinted with the wedding date, a photo of the bridge and groom, or just a pretty picture. Finally, the slipcase or jewel case can also contain photos or text and be further decorated with ribbons or bows. One simple package can house a great deal of personality. There are many companies that can create them for the couple, too. Amazon and other places provide blank discs, sleeves, as well as listings for companies that create CD wedding favors from start to finish.

The only disadvantage to using CD wedding favors is, yes, technically it is illegal to make and distribute CDs even with no monetary gain. Obviously many people are using them, but this does not make it right in the eyes of the law. For any person in the public eye, this may not be a wise choice. While it is doubtful that any music entity would sue for this, it may be seen as unethical to some. Of course, if the music chosen is all original there are no problems. For those opting for using CDs, it is a fun and interesting way to celebrate your love and to leave your family and friends with a tangible reminder of your big day.

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