We Were All Born To Suffer in Hell


Whoa. That's kinda big. Maybe you are thinking now that you have run into some kind of a spam but you will never really know until you have read it through.  If you accidentally got into this article, I say to you, and please believe me, your calling has come.

The Gift of Salvation

"For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" John 3:16

     For how many times in your life do you think you have met this passage from the Bible? If there is one verse that unbelievers know in the Bible, it would be John 3:16.For Christians, something you should be ashamed of yourself is not having memorized this verse. Even so, we all are familiar with it. But have you really grasped the full idea of it? Yes, God really love the World. But his love is oftentimes taken for granted. we can never blame one another for accepting it is never really mandated to any of us. All of these are up to ourselves. There is never an instance in the Bible where God had intimidated his people. God so love everyone of us that He never force us to do anything. At the same extent, God so love you that He wanted to save you from an inevitable tragedy, that is, your eternal death in Hell.

We All are Sinners

     If you think you're not, I'm pleading you to you to think again. Sin. Iniquities. Transgressions. Peccadillo. Even just the least of those, leads to one fortune. DEATH.

"For the wages of sin is death..." Romans 6:23

     You are still insisting that you haven't done any of those? Your good works alone never really decides anything after you die here on Earth. Also, you may really be a good person but never too good to be exempted from the 'original sin'.

The Original Sin

     The 'original sin' is the sin that has been passed from the generation of Adam and Eve up until today. The time Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of good and evil, they developed the concept of being naked. Shame, which is one form of pride, came into the world. Pride is evil. That is why until today, we know what is good from what is bad. This is what the original sin is all about. As soon as anyone has developed his consciousness from his birth, he has inherited this sin. we all inherited this sin that is why Romans 3:10,3:23 and 6:23 are fulfilled "No one is righteous, no not one" and "For all have sinned and fall short of glory of God"

The Extent That we'll Suffer

     This is all what Satan just wants. For the creations of God became a shame for their Creator. Satan is the author of every temptation. He, referring to Satan, has gained victory when he had tempted Adam and Eve. Looking at the aftermath of this wickedness really proves this. Today, he is still trying to win everyone by dragging us into sin so that we will never receive the gift of God, the salvation that God wanted for all of us to receive is being conceited by the untiring efforts of Satan. But not anymore will he be victorious because he has been ultimately defeated by the love of God through Jesus Christ. This is why Satan is that eager to avenge by corrupting human and humiliating people who accepted God. God so love the world that seeing us in Hell makes His heart cry. He does not want to see us in eternal suffering. He does not want us to suffer in Hell but He cannot intervene anymore to those who have chosen death. It may seem hard to understand but many people today are living out his death. You will soon understand what this means after you have received the full understanding of the love of God.

The Love of God Personified

     After the severance of man from God, which is caused by Adam and Eve's succumbing, God had ready a great plot to redeem everyone's sins and save them from their inevitable fortune in Hell. He has proclaimed His might through His chosen prophets and established an army in mission of saving souls. He used the greatest and he mightiest of men to declare His glory. Satan, however, stood still and fight by tempting man into sin, that they may persecute God's people. Little did Satan know that by the time of his reigning, a surefire way to exterminate his evil curse of eternal death is already being ready. (I paraphrase from Philippians 4 onwards) His Son came down from heaven as His representation personified in a blameless body through the virgin birth of Mary. He did not inherit the original sin for He was delivered by the Holy Spirit. Jesus then grew from his baby age to a full grown man and proclaimed the love of God. He had shown the way to salvation which is a rebirth (being born again) through Spirit. After his evangelical mission, he has fulfilled the greatest gift of being a tribute. The sinless, blameless and pure lamb is offered as a tribute. He who does not know sin was made sin. He carried in His body the sins of the entire humanity and suffered the punishment that we, not He, are more than deserving to be given. He carried all our sins to the cross. Every tortures that he suffered was done in placement of us. He humiliated His self, our God, in place of us. In his death, the curse of our sins, including the original sin, was shattered. All bounds of the devil to man has been broken, guiding us away from our trip to hell and leading us to a way he have never walked before. A way without curves and tips. A straight way. The way to salvation. The way to eternal life in heaven.

Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me." John 14:6

Salvation is Now Here for the Taking!

     We need it and now it is here for the taking! A free decision on saving your own life and accepting Jesus' promise of eternal life. No longer will we face an inevitable suffering from Hell. Everyone is now deserving to turn from their sins and live a life fully lived through Jesus.

     All you need to do now is accept Him. Accept Jesus and make Him your personal Lord and Savior. Believe that He is the only way to heaven and salvation. Believe that our works can never save. Believe that only by the merciful grace of God that we are saved. Confess your sins now and repent. God is faithful to forgive every sin that you will confess. Now, pray these. Pray that you want God's salvation. Come on, Jesus is waiting for your reconciliation with Him.Pray for your salvation. After this, you have fully received God's gift

What to do next?

     Doesn't it feel like a heavy load has been taken off from you? You have received your salvation. You are spiritually born again. And as a spiritual young, you must be fed with the spiritual food to mature. What happens if you are not fed with the right kind of food? You'll either be malnourished or dead. If God has really shown you something today, I guess you'd really be eager to grow. I urge you to follow through this series of articles one after the other. You have just received the first foundation. You are now on your way to becoming a real Christian living in the will of the Lord. Please take this series as your step-by-step self-study guide. Till next topic then! I pray for all who have read this article. Godbless!!