Becoming a CNA is a great and wonderful thing to do.  You are able to help people in need and gain valuable experience in the healthcare industry.  The problem is finding a reliable and state-approved program to get your CNA.  I have searched and found these great CNA classes in Columbus GA in order to help you get started on this wonderful career.

Columbus GA is not an extremely large city so your choices for CNA schools is pretty limited.  I did my best and was able to find a few gems for you so here are the best CNA programs in Columbus GA.

Columbus Technical College

This college offers a semester long CNA course that will prepare you to take the state exam.  You must pass a background check and drug screen in order to begin the program.  You also must be 17 years old and have a high school diploma or your official GED scores.  The course is not particularly cheap but financial assistance is offered for those who qualify.  For more information you can call (706) 225-0526.

Stat Medical Services, Inc

This is a 3 week course so you can get trained and get to work quickly.  The cost is fair and it includes the state exam, all your books and CPR.  You will receive instruction in the classroom, in labs, in a clinical type setting and in a nursing home.  Once you complete your CNA course they will also assist you in finding a job.  Their phone number is (706) 322-7776 and they are located at 2 Bradley Park Court in Columbus.

Enrichment Services Program, Inc

This is a company that offers many services in hopes to help families get on their feet.  Their CNA program is great and they offer truly evening classes.  The program does take 17 weeks to complete but has a high pass rate.  The classroom work and clinical training are held Tues-Thur from 5:30-9:30.  This program requires you to have a high school diploma or GED, pass an assessment test, a background check and meet federal poverty income guidelines.  The last week of this CNA course will actually go over a lot of things in order to help you get a job, such as, how to complete job applications, typing a resume, interview skills and more.  Their phone number is (706) 596-0504 and they are located at 2100 12th Ave.

Muscogee Manor

This is a great CNA course if you need to hold a job while still taking the classes, because this is a job.  They pay minimum wage and require you willing to work 1st or 2nd shift any day of the week.  The course is 5 weeks long but will prepare you for the state exam with some classroom instruction and real on-the-job training.  You are required to purchase you're own scrubs that must be a specific color.  Classes begin every couple months and often fill up quickly.  Their phone number is (706) 561-3218 and they are located at 7200 Manor Rd in Columbus GA.