A CNA job search should consist of applying directly with a facility and through a hiring agency. Hiring agencies work well when the job market is difficult. Most facilities use hiring agencies to weed out applicants that lack training and experience. Some hiring agencies offer additional training to candidates that show good potential for job placement. Applying directly with a facility can be done by physically visiting the human resource department or via the facility's website. Some facilities hire through the classified ads of local newspapers or with the help of online employment networks like CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com. There are also various different medical job listings websites that post available positions locally, nationally, and even worldwide. Each type of site and service will have its own requirements for resume, references, and training requirements. Proof of certification is something that all positions will definitely require.

When searching the various listing for a certified nursing assistant position, do not apply for a position that is questionable because many times you will not get the clarification that is needed in order to make a determination about the position. CNA jobs and position descriptions can vary depending on the type of facility and care that is provided so pay close attention to what the job entitles. Vague descriptions leave way too much room for an employer to add more work to an already highly demanding job. If you are unsure whether or not you are qualified enough for a specific position, apply for it anyway because many times they weed out the ones that are not sufficiently qualified first. It is a chance worth taking because if they see potential in you to train, they will consider someone who is less qualified but with a good background in the field.

Applying directly at a facility is a great opportunity to get a feel for the atmosphere in the place. You can ask around to see if people like or dislike their job, benefits, and even the regulations of the facility. Direct contact also shows that you are very interested in the position and willing to take time out of your schedule to come in person to the facility. The next best thing to physically visiting a facility is to visit their website to apply for CNA employment. Online applications are typically very thorough because it can be done at your own pace. Submission of a resume and references can also easily be done with the help of the internet. It is highly important to follow and complete all of the required fields of an application because that directly reflects how well you pay attention. Do not go overboard on your application. Only provide information that is being requested.