California is huge and Fresno with more than half a million people is it's fifth largest city.  With all these people there are definitely great demands for any position in the healthcare industry, including one of the quickest to get certified for...a CNA.  However, before you can get certified you will need to go through the CNA Programs in Fresno CA and pick the one that is best for you to attend and then take and pass the state certification exam.

Well if you are like most people finding and picking the right CNA course for you can be difficult and very time consuming.  There are a lot of training programs and not all of them are as good as others, but how do you know?  Well I have looked through and researched the majority of CNA programs in Fresno CA and these are my top picks.  Hopefully this will help to get you working as a CNA much faster.

Golden Living Training Centers

This is a great CNA program that is located in Fresno, as well as Bakersfield, Stockton, and Shafter.  The program has a good reputation and a great pass rate.  The classes are full time and attendance, as well as punctuality are paramount to your success in this program.  Once you have successfully completed the class work and clinical training you will be given a certificate of completion and be eligible to take the State exam.  The phone number here is (559) 430-3907 and they are located at 650 W Alluvial.

Clovis Adult Education

Now this CNA course is actually located in Clovis CA which is on the outskirts of NE Fresno but I chose to include it because it is a great program and if you live on that side of Fresno it may be worth going to.  It is a 13 week class held M-Th.  The classroom work is from 8-12:15 at Clovis campus and the clinical part of training is held 6:45am-12:30 at local health care facilities.  Their phone number is (559) 327-2860 and the exact address is 1452 David E Cook Way in Clovis CA.

Reedley College

This CNA program is taught at a retirement community located about 1.5 miles from Reedley College.  The class runs for a semester and covers all the theory and clinical subjects that are necessary for you to take the state certification exam.  Their course does require a mandatory orientation which is held a couple months before the semester begins; so you need to get registered asap so you don't miss the orientation day.  The phone here is (559) 638-3641.