If you are looking for a career that will last and won't be outsourced to another country then becoming a CNA will be perfect.  CNA's are always in demand and it's fairly quick to get through the training.  The hard part is picking where to get your training.  I've made it easier for you with this great list of CNA programs in Richmond VA.  

I try to pick courses that have a good pass rate, good reputation and average fees.  I also only include CNA programs that are state approved so you will be able to take the state exam when you are finished with the course.

Virginia Capital Region Red Cross

I love the red cross and their CNA program.  The courses always prepare you very well to take the exam and don't cost an arm and leg.  At this location the classes are only 10 students and there are 2 instructors to make sure every student gets the attention and instruction they need.  This course runs for 4 weeks plus a mandatory orientation day and you must be 18 and have a GED or diploma.  They will also require you to get white scrub pants, white shoes, a red scrub top and a watch that has a second hand.  Once you apply you may have to wait to get into a class since there are only 10 students accepted each month, so apply as soon as you know you want to do it.

Asher Comprehensive Training Center

This is a pretty decent CNA program offered in Richmond and they have an average pass rate.  The course does last 8 weeks, which is a bit long but they offer day and evening classes.  As a student you will need to complete 70 hours of classroom study and 50 hours in hands-on clinical training, which will be scheduled on a rotation basis.  Once done you will receive your certificate of completion and be eligible to take the Virginia state certification exam.

Hermitage Technical Center

This school is a bit different and I considered not putting it in this article because it is only available to juniors and seniors in high school.  However, I decided to include it because I think it is a great program offered to high school students.

In order to take the CNA course at this school you will need to receive a recommendation from your school guidance counselor.  This is a great opportunity for high school students to graduate and enter a skilled career.  It's also great for students who are thinking about becoming a nurse or doctor to get experience in the medical field.