I wrote an article on CNA schools in Houston and decided it was only fair to write another one on CNA schools in Dallas TX.  Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and is home to more than a million people.  So if you are one of those million+ people and looking to become a CNA then here is a great list of courses you might be interested in.

Now Dallas doesn't have the vast amounts of CNA schools like Houston did but they still have over 25 programs[3857] throughout the city.  If you tried to look at every single one of them it would probably take you at least a couple days if not a week.  So I've gone through the schools and narrowed it down to a manageable list that should help you pick one and get started.

Alliance Career Institute

This is a 5 week course that takes 112 hours to complete.  You'll end up spending 68 hours in the classroom, 12 hours in the lab and 32 hours doing hands-on clinical training.  The hands-on training is done at a local nursing home under direct supervision.  Once you are done with this course you will be given a certificate of completion and you'll be eligible to take the State exam.

Mountain View College

Their CNA program is broken up into two separate courses.  The first one is 56 hours and includes all of the classroom training.  The second one that you will enroll in is 24 hours and will include all the hands-on clinical training that you need.  Once both classes are complete you will be eligible to take the state exam.  If you have further questions about this program you can contact the coordinator at (214) 860-3630.

Texas Career Institute

Their nurses aid program covers everything in order for you to pass the State exam.  The class will teach basic first aid, vital sign, bed making, proper lifting and turning of bed ridden patients, CPR and much more.  It also offers plenty of hands-on clinical experience so that you will feel more confident when you actually begin work as a CNA.  For more information and to begin the registration process you can call (214) 275-9600.