After writing about CNA schools offered in Orlando I felt it only right to include a list of CNA Schools in Jacksonville FL as well.

Now my list in Orlando ended up being very disappointing because a lot of places that once offered CNA programs no longer do and so I was only able to put together a very small list with CNA schools I would have rather excluded.  However, CNA programs in Jacksonville are more abundant and I was able to pick my favorites from a decent sized list.

Albert Z Fleet Geriatric Training Center

This CNA program is actually taught at the site of a geriatric center.  The CNA program meets all the requirements of the State of Florida and will have you ready to take the certification test in 6 weeks.  You will spend time in class, doing labs and then participating in hands-on clinicals.  They also expect all of their students to spend time outside of class studying and completing necessary assignments.  If you are interested in this program you can call (904) 262-8380 for more information.

All Saints Vocational School

This is a Catholic funded nursing home and rehabilitation center that also offers nurses aid training.  It's a six week course that will have you do class work and hands on training inside the nursing/rehab center.  Once complete you will need to schedule the state certificate test.  Their director is named Juanita Newsome and you can reach her at (904) 772-1220, the facility is located at 5888 Blanding Blvd in Jacksonville.

Florida Coast Career Tech

This program is probably close to my favorite in the Jacksonville area.  It is 165 hours and 40 of those are spent working hands-on at a variety of locations including hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities.  This gives you a very wide range of experience so you become more marketable in the work force.  Plus you tend to retain information better if you do it in different setting and structures. 

Southern Career College

This is an accredited college that offers a 10 week nursing assistant training course.  This program doesn't offer any college credits but you can apply for financial aid.  The program isn't available each term so you need to call to find out when the next class starts.  If you are in a hurry to get the training done then this may not be the best option for you.  Their phone number is (904) 724-2229 and they are located at 8711 Lone Star Rd in Jacksonville FL.