Florida is beautiful, fun and warm, which makes it a great spot for retirees.  In fact there are many retirement communities in almost every city throughout Florida.  This means that just about any profession in the healthcare industry is in a little higher demand then other areas, including CNA's.  Of course you can't just decide one day to be a CNA and go get the job.  You are required to take a course and pass the state exam.  So if you are ready here are the best CNA schools in Orlando FL.

There turned out to be 9 programs that are state approved in Orlando, however, some of them aren't as good as others so I have only included my top picks in this list.

Florida Health Care Academy

This is a 6 week course that is M-Th and every other Fri from 9:30-1pm.  The cost of the class does not cover the fingerprinting and background check required and it does not include the state board testing fee.  It seems that some of the equipment doesn't always work properly ie, the electric bed doesn't go up and down, but you can still practice the theory and see what is supposed to be done.  Overall this class isn't the worst but it's not the best either.  Their phone number is (407) 275-5880 and they are located at 5804-B Lake Underhill Rd.

Matrix Educational Center

They offer both day and evening classes.  For the day class you will finish in 5 weeks and evening classes are scheduled for 8 weeks.  Every student is required to complete 40 hours of clinical training at a variety of locations.  This is so you get plenty of hands-on training in more than one environment.  There are two very big pro's about going here.  First they are a state testing facility so you will be taking the state certification exam at the same place you went to school.  This will often reduce stress and pressure which will ultimately help you do better.  Also they have a childcare center that offers plenty of activities for your child/children while you are going to school.  Their phone number is (407) 420-2125 and they are located at 2120 W Colonial Dr in Orlando FL.

Orlando Academy School of Health Professionals

This is a full-time course for 6 weeks.  Five of those weeks will be in class and labs and then you will do 1 week in hands-on clinical.  The clinical is a bit short but their pass rate seems great so it's long enough that most students are graduating prepared to take the state exam.  Their number is (407) 240-2800 and their address is 1650 Sand Lake Rd Suite 115 in Orlando.

This list is pretty limited because when calling I found that a lot of the places that once offered CNA programs no longer offer them.  In fact I want to mention one of those places just because when I contact them they mentioned the possibilty of opening up a new CNA program, but the date was not yet determined and may never happen, so you can call but don't neccesarily expect it.  Orlando Tech, the phone number is (407) 246-7060 and the located at 301 W Amelia St in Orlando Fl.