In order to become a working, certified nursing assistant in Philadelphia then the state of Pennsylvania requires that you attend an approved CNA school in Philadelphia or another city.  After completing a CNA program you will then be required to take and pass a state issued exam which will test your skills and knowledge in a written format and a hands on mock clinical format.[3807]

In order for you to pass this test and become certified you will want to make sure you take a high quality CNA training program.  However, there are a lot out there and you may find it difficult to choose one that fits your schedule and will adequately prepare you for the test.  That is where I come in. Here I have compiled a list a many different course offered in Philadelphia for you to consider.  Hopefully one will be close and match your schedule.

American Red Cross CNA Training Program:

This is probably the best one that is out there because it includes so much and the Red Cross has been around a while and been able to perfect their training course.  The only problem with this course is that it is only offered during the day, so if you work or go to school during the day you would not be able to do both.  The class runs for 4 weeks and then you are given a certificate of completion which will enable you to sign up for a state exam date.

Alpha Education Center CNA Program:

This is a good program with friendly staff and a great student base.  Their programs are offered based on demand so to get a current schedule you would need to call them at (215) 455-5556.

Cathedral Village Nursing Assistant Training Program:

This is a fantastic program offered 5-6 times throughout the year by the director, an RN and an educator at their retirement community.  If you finish the class and pass the state exam they will also consider you for employment, which means you just might get a job faster through this program then other ones.

Aria Health School of Nursing CNA Program:

This program is associated with the Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia.  The fees are a little higher than others but they do offer days and nights and you can do part-time or full-time.  So if you are working and need to continue working through your CNA training then the extra bit of money may be well worth it.

Philadelphia Job Corp Nurses Aid Training Program:

They offer a comprehensive CNA course that will prepare you for the state exam.  They do not allow any online registration and ask that you speak to an admissions counselor at (800) 733-5627.