Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide basic nursing services and assist their patients with the various activities related to daily living, and they are supervised by a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNAs are employed in various health-care facilities, such as clinics, extended-care facilities, and hospitals. Even in this economy, the health-care field is experiencing significant job growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the need for CNAs will increase by 28% over the next few years, and the demand is definitely there.
CNA Training Online
How to become a CNA

This certification requires a minimum of 25 hours of training in essential health-care procedures, medical ethics, and health law, and this varies from one state to another. Candidates also have to pass a state competency test that contains both a clinical portion and a written portion in order to be certified.

Taking an online course

Today, many fine educational programs are available that provide excellent CNA training online, combined with the convenience of being able to complete the required course work at home, and CAN programs in the United States have followed the trend. Here are few steps that will get you where you want to go:

● Find out what your state requires for obtaining CNA certification.

● Research the online programs that meet those requirements.

The typical program uses streaming videos demonstrating basic skills and techniques that CNAs will need on the job, along with traditional training that is text-book based. CNA training programs usually last from 4-8 weeks, and the topics covered include nursing fundamentals, medical terminology, complementary healing practices, pharmacology, and clinical procedures.

Once they have completed their online courses, future CNAs are ready to take their state's examination for certification, and this is does at a care center, school, or hospital, so that those taking the test can be monitored. Along with that, candidates must also meet with a state-recognized medical care expert in order to assess their clinical skills.