CNC machines are used in industrial settings such as factories and schools. CNC (Computer Numerated Control) were first invented in the 1970s. Since then, they've been used heavily in many different places. CNC machines require programming in order to use them. Fortunately, once they have been programmed, they are very easy to use. But even with their simplicity of operation, operators need to go and get special training.

Due to their expensive cost, CNC machines are typically only used in large industrial environments. Wood working businesses sometimes use these types of equipment for cost saving for repetitive cutting tasks. In factories, they are used to drill holes, cut designs as well as give the product a finished appearance. Their accuracy and time saving abilities make them invaluable for business.

CNC routers are used for drilling holes automatically when you have a large quantity and want consistency. They are great for large jobs where manual drilling would become repetitive and tiresome, thus making errors more common.

A CNC lather is excellent for cutting wood and is often used in the making of furniture pieces. Businesses purchasing these wood engraving machines get them in different levels of horsepower. This will depend on the type of wood as well as your needs. Some of the more expensive CNC woodworking machines have different modes of power. Each power level is suitable for a different type of job.

If you work in a mill, you're probably familiar with CNC milling machines. Bridgeport is the most popular. Milling equipment is great for increasing productivity and they last for a long time. Unfortunately, due to their cost, are only found in factories.

The CNC industry powers a variety of different engraving equipment. These are used to engrave glass, stone, wood, metal and almost any material you desire. Their speed and accuracy is invaluable. No manual engraving technology could ever match CNC engraving equipment. They are useful for taking on the largest or smallest engraving jobs with utmost efficiency.

CNC machines are very expensive and out of reach for most individuals. But then again, most individuals never need the power and accuracy of these machines in their everyday lives. If you are considering purchasing one, you may want to check into refurbished or used equipment. In most cases, refurbished machines are the best choice. Compared to used equipment, refurbished usually entails functionality and typically comes with a warranty of some sort.