The CNC programming handbook by Peter Smid is one book that all CNC programmers should own. The handbook is now up to its 3rd edition, with this edition being released in January 2008. This book is a whopping 600 pages in size and contains everything you need to know about CNC programming.

The book is so easy and quick to follow with every subject and topic being fully indexed for quick and easy reference. All of your common programming subjects are written down in great depth, with all subjects being applicable for both CNC turning and CNC milling operations.

The CNC programming Handbook is not only great for beginners, but even the most advanced programmers will learn new things from the book. With many advanced programming subjects being covered in great detail. The book is jam packed with information, with over a whopping one thousand illustrations, formulas, tables, shortcuts, practical examples and tips included in this extraordinary book.

Everything about this CNC programming book screams out high quality info, with all sections of the book being written in an highly detailed fashion. One part of the book contains a detailed section on CNC lathes with live tooling examples included showing you pictures of real machine parts used in the examples. There are also many more detailed programming examples included in the handbook.

This book is also optimized for all the latest Fanuc and related control systems. You also get calculations, addition formulas and handy reference material that is priceless for any CNC programmer.

The book and author Peter Smid are very well respected in the CNC machining industry, with the book being so well structured that it is adaptable to all levels of CNC training starting at beginner level right through to the advanced level. There is also a CDROM that is included with the CNC programming handbook, which contains a fully functional shareware version of the CNC tooth editor and simulator. This incredible software has a wide array of features that are not found in many of today's CNC programming software that is in the marketplace. Also included in the CDROM are projects with several of these projects being in interactive PDF format.

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To take a sneak peek of the book all you need to do on the amazon page, is click the CNC programming handbook image in the top left hand corner of the page, its the image that says click to look inside. Having just taken a sneak peak myself I am quickly able to see that chapter one is about Numerical Control, chapter two is about CNC Milling and chapter 3 is about CNC Turning. If you are a CNC programmer that is passionate about is job, then you really do need to take a closer look at the excellent CNC programming handbook.