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Why CNET Downloads Should Be Your Destination Website for Software and Virus Protection

CNET downloads is my go-to website for virus protection and for downloading any software program, and any new program or utility, I know I need. It's also my first stop on the web for new programs I believe are worth trying before I buy computer software. CNET downloads offers free, trial version and paid-version software and utilities.

CNET is the Safest Place for Downloading Software

CNET downloads is the safe place to go for downloading new software and virus protection programs. Virus protection is my top priority when it comes to my PC or laptop.

The CNET website is also a top resource for software of any kind. However, particularly for the latest antivirus software protection, CNET should be your first destination to review the best antivirus and best free antivirus software programs that are available to all computer, laptop and Mac users.  It is imperative for all PC or Mac users to choose and download up-to-date spyware removal and malware removal software, especially if you have just bought a new computer. MAC users can also benefit from CNET downloads, too. The software and utilities available on CNET downloads is not limited strictly to PC users.

By virtue of the importance of having these protections in place immediately with the latest version readily available on a website such as this, the value of a site like CNET Downloads, should not be underestimated.

CNET is a One-Stop Shop

CNET for downloads also deserves kudos for being a one-stop repository for all the best antivirus programs and for offering a collection of top rated software in a sea of choices for so many categories of software or utilities in a single location. CNET visitors will not have to go to multiple websites to discover which program in any category is the best of its kind.

Also look to CNET to become knowledgeable about different software products and to find out about the latest software releases from software publishers.

A Trusted Site, Safe Downloads, Authentic Software and More

CNET is a comprehensive site containing a vast assortment of software programs and utilities. Software or utilities are cataloged by license type, grouped by categories and similarly filtered by operating systems. CNET downloads has a searchable directory or visitors can browse software titles by various menus or categories.

Be assured that when you download any software for your computer or laptop from CNET downloads that you are downloading authentic software and not any fake versions of software programs.  Most importantly, you are also downloading software that is free of any malicious spyware, malware or viruses. This is huge benefit to going to a trusted website such as this one.

Editors Picks & First-Hand User Reviews

CNET Downloads features both editorial reviews and user reviews and the website provides users with a community and a forum, too, to advise other users of their own first-hand reviews. Use either of these helpful reviews to determine a top or best-in-class product yourself, for the software or category you are researching for, or alternatively, be guided by the CNET editors who judge and bestow software programs in each category with a best-in-class designation and an award.

Best-in-class Awards and Recognition

If any software program or utility meets key criteria with a perfect score for each of the five categories by which it is judged, the product then receives a best-in-class award.  To win this prestigious recognition, programs are judged on the merits of their respective interface, features, functionality, stability and installation.

The determining factors for these key criteria include in-depth answers and explanations for the following questions. Is the program intuitive? Does the program deliver on the promises that its software publisher advises it will perform?  Is the program easy to install and uninstall? To what degree does the program use system resources? How big is the program installer? Is the program stable or does it crash? How well does the program perform? What are the benefits and limitations of the software? Further explanations are available on CNET Downloads. Visitors to the site are provided with crucial information to help refine the differences between competing programs and an exhaustive list of choices for making the best software and utility selections. This is one of the main strengths of this website.

Software Ratings and More

Other benefits to using CNET Downloads, worth mentioning, is the ability to view which software programs users are actually downloading and how many people are downloading them. Moreover, users can view if others are using each software programs successfully. This information is generally included in most reviews. Editor reviews and user reviews offer first-hand experience  and results with the software. Software ratings and trial versions of many programs are also featured on CNET Downloads, which is yet another plus offered on the site.

CNET is a comprehensive and trusted site for protecting your computer and for identifying, researching and safely downloading the latest, relevant and useful software or utility for your computer. Don’t hesitate to make use of CNET downloads and all that this website has to offer.