By: J. Marlando

My belief is that anything that lives can never die. Well, that is, not in the existential view of “becoming nothingness” or the common scientific view that once the brain stops we become clumps of matter that sooner or later decay. Scientists who accept this rather dead-end view of existence are those who are still clinging to the old mechanistic view of Newton’s universe. To them, nature is fixed in her laws so everything is cause and effect; everything that goes up must come down and therefore birth is a mere precursor of death and dying. They agree with the existentialists, that we are merely the sum total of our parts and nothing more.

New physics sometimes also called quantum mechanics is, in the least, opposed to this cut and dried view. For one thing, most of these scientists offer that we are manifestations of consciousness and that mind and matter are the complimentary aspects of ALL reality.

We need not go very far into these complex theories but there is one other observation to be made before we evolve more directly into our topics. A kind of “magic” plays a significant role in our very existence. Quantum mechanics tell us that how a thing is observed is how it manifests. For example, *the electron has the potential to manifest as either wave or particle depending on how it is measured or, in other words, observed by the scientists or instrument observing it. When the electron is observed as wave then the electron as particle becomes potential and cannot be seen or even known by the observer. We humans belong to this same scenario—we are both material and non-material. That is, matter and energy or call it wave if you like! But since we are observed as matter, our spiritual or “wave-selves” remain as potential and therefore are not viewable or knowable. What this leads me to believe, because of this transitional and mysterious nature of physical stuff, that everything that lives cannot die, only change. The best metaphor for this is no doubt the butterfly when it leaves its chrysalis.

There is a point I wish to make clear before we continue, however. First of all, I am not trying to convince the reader of anything. For those who know my work, know also that I once experienced a NDE and so I am personally convinced that life does not stop with the process that we commonly call “death.” Nevertheless, I ask no one to agree, only to toss around what I have to say in one’s own heart and mind. With this said, we will continue.

Now then, one reason that we are trudging through all this scientific stuff is to bring at least some rationale to the fact that we are more than we are used to thinking we are; we are uniquely one, but at the time…in oneness with all. This oneness is a major reason why we can—through our awareness—influence physical reality. In other words, we are in connectedness with the continuum and so the workings of the entire universe. But of course, I am convinced that **as a wise old sage once pointed out that the universe is “all mind and all phenomena.” This certainly corresponds to the new physics view of mind and matter.” Something to think about!

In view of all this, we human beings are most apt to spend much of our time seeking or wishing for some magic in our lives; we often pray for miracles. As we will soon see, what we should be seeking is not the magic or miracle but the magician and/or miracle maker…ourselves!

*Please note—I am using the particle/wave phenomenon as metaphor and not a comparative example of the life/death cycles of humans or other living things.

**Mind, especially in ancient times, is used to mean consciousness. Consciousness is historically a fairly new term.

In any case, Once we can grasp that our ultimate fate is not death (as we are used to thinking about it) but merely change we can begin to grasp our eternal presence in the universe and at least vaguely comprehend ourselves as being in connectedness with all else. This comprehension, vague or not, gives us to understand that it is we that act on the world as opposed to it being the other way around. Indeed, it is as the physicist Fritjof Capra tells us, we are not in a world of independently existing entities, but instead we are in a web of relationships.

Whatever we (you and I) and so every other individual do, speak and even think affects the whole. Thus, it is not too farfetched to describe human meaning and purpose as being the entire universe. I say “human” because, as far as we know, we are the only creatures existing that have “conscious awareness.” Conscious awareness has the ability to choose; to be constructive or destructive, kind or cruel, loving or unloving. And, what we project into the universe, the universe becomes through a chain effect of connectedness throughout the whole. And so, in essence our world is truly what we make it.

In regard to the above, one of my favorite axioms is the one first said by Henry Ford: he said, if you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are always right! An example I’ve used many times of this is to say that if you deem the rose bush a thorn bush that is what it will become…to you. And so, with this in mind, the goal of conscious awareness becomes to use our creative potentials to make the world into a better, safer, kinder and more loving place for all and thus deconstruct our notions of such things as sexual, racial, cultural, religious and other biases that have permeated our existence since we made the quantum leap from being one with nature to the desire to be above nature at the dawning of so-called civilization. Thus it is time, as the physicist Jeremy W. Hayward would no doubt say to feel the mind and the heart of our world and return to the magic and joys of existence itself.

In regard to all this, we will first talk about the apparent “magic” of love and loving. With loving words alone we can mend the wounds of a broken heart; with a loving pat on the shoulder we can fill the discouraged with encouragement and give hope to the hopeless; with a loving hug we can give refuge to the frightened and comfort to the distressed. We have all this power within us! It is from our capacity to open our minds and hearts to the world of others.

There is something else to grasp: Love not only acts on the psyche but also is also physiologic: Love heals the sick…and yes even the seriously ill. That love heals and is physiologic is not my invention but was first offered by Bernie S. Siegel, the world-renowned cancer surgeon, who I had the pleasure of interviewing once. As for the pure magic of love and loving, he tells us this:

The more I see the workings of our universe,
the more mystical I become.
I’m not mystical in spite of being a surgeon;
I’m mystical because I am a surgeon.
As a surgeon I watch miracles daily.

Source: Peace, Love & Healing—Harper and Row1989

One problem is that we human beings are ego-centric and through our socialization lose the ability to love everything and so everyone unconditionally, which is the only way cosmic or universal loving works; to love the world, for example, is not just to love the loving but also the hateful—the material world after all operates in a bittersweet realm!

When we are children, however, and in an innocent state we simply accept things as they are, we live outside (or above) time and everything occurs, including ourselves, in the infinite moment. This is why it is so natural for children to love the world and…everyone in it including themselves! Then, at a certain age, arrives the beginning of their socialization, which teaches them that not all things are lovable and that love needs to be reciprocal. If you tell Aunt Hazel that you love her, she will bring you a nice gift or take you to the candy store. It is at these early junctures that we human beings retreat from being one with the world and begin mirroring ourselves as being the center of it. We become, in effect, a closed system as opposed to an open system, and begin seeing the universe as something outside of us and over there instead of being in connectedness with us. And so, it is not until we can return to the oneness with the world that we experienced as young children (before our socializations and indoctrinations) can we begin to again love, wholly, fully, openly and unconditionally. Once we do choose to love in this way we reconnect to what some call world consciousness or returning to living in the light.

As a quick aside, light plays a greater part in our lives than is apparent. The Physicist and Molecular Biologist, Jeremy Hayward tells us that, “All living cells send out light—this is known as bioluminescence—and scientists can measure the coherence of this light…”

He goes on to say that the coherence of the light a cell emits depends on how healthy the cell is. A serious sick cell such as a cancer cell emits very dim light and of course a dead cell emits no light at all. For those interested, it is thought by some scientists, that our entire immune system communicates at such rapid pace through the light traveling through our body. After all, our cells communicate at a speed that is much faster than traveling through nerve pathways which I find amazing.

Source: Jeremy W. Hayward…Letters to Vanessa…Shambhala

It is interesting to me that God is often referred to as the Light and Love of the world. Indeed, the Old Testament and so the Talmud begins with “in the beginning there was light.” And of course, in some Eastern practices seeking enLIGHTment becomes the ultimate goal of meditating and religion. And obviously, we are at our happiest when someone or something “lights up our hearts” and, people who have had near-death experiences say, almost invariably, that on the other side of the tunnel they enter is a very brilliant, warm and loving light. Light simply has both a material and spiritual value to we human beings which can only be called both magical and mysterious.

It is also interesting to me that since very ancient times—perhaps even before the advent of so-called civilization—that light has been associated with mind and transcendent knowing. In monistic idealism, the physicist Amit Goswami tells us that consciousness is like the light in Plato’s cave. Perhaps the reader recalls the story: Plato places human beings sitting in a cave and in fixed positions so they are “stuck” facing the wall. The activity of the world outside appears as mere shadows and we humans mistake those shadows as being reality. The real or actual reality however is behind us, in the light. Being in the light then becomes the only true reality with everything else being illusion. This idea occurs in many cultures around our globe. We will be talking about this next.

Universally the idea that there is but one consciousness is basic to the beliefs and concepts that tell us that there is only subject-consciousness and we are that consciousness. Christians call it the Holy Spirit with Quaker Christians calling it specifically, the inner light. Buddhist refers to transcendent consciousness as the no-self. Catherine Adorna, the Christian mystic, living in 15th century Italy, said, “My being is God, not by simple participation, but by a true transformation of my being.

Nui-Neng of 6th century China said, “Our very self-nature is Buddha, and apart from this nature there is no other Buddha.”

Moses de Leon, the 14th Century Cabbalist wrote, “God…when he has just decided to launch upon his work of creation is called He. God in the complete unfolding of his Being, Bliss and Love, in which he becomes capable of being perceived by the reasons of the heart…is called, You. But God, in his supreme manifestations, where the fullness of His Being finds its final expression in the last and all-embracing of his attributes, is called I.

In the 8th century, Yeshe Tsogyel, expressed the wisdom by saying, “But when you finally discover me, the one naked truth arisen from within, Absolute Awareness permeates the Universe. And of course Jesus is well known for saying, “My Father and I are one.”

Source: Amit Goswami, Richard E. Reed and Maggie Goswami…The Self Aware Universe…Tarcher/Putnam.

There are many other examples of world-round—ancient and modern—scientific and meta physic—acknowledgments that separation is mere illusion and that we all share one consciousness, which is also, sometimes called God. Perhaps all this is best said by the writer and teacher of the development of human society, Joseph Chilton Pearce, who bring clarity to what we have been talking about. He states: “Mind mirrors the universe that mirrors man’s mind. Creator and Created give rise to each other.”

With this in mind, the major awakening we have from quantum mechanics (or at least by quantum principle) is that there is no fixed objective reality. While it may seem that the material world is made up of separate entities, this is merely the illusion that evolves from our ego-dependent psyches placing us in the center. As we said before, there is no center there is only the concept of “centeredness.” Thus, when we can grasp that our lives are not separate from anyone else, we can truly love others as ourselves; that grand and ancient hope for our world. And this is what the essence of this narrative has struggled to reveal; that we—each of us—are in a web of relationships and that we each belong to the same consciousness or, if you will, mind. The physicist and author, Paul Davies gives us this to ponder: Nature is a product of its own technology. And the universe is mind. Our own minds could then be viewed as localized consciousness in a sea of mind.

A reason why I consider all of this important to ponder is that even as we enter deeper into the new millennium our kind is still intent on acting out of love and, if you will, out of the light of (the one) consciousness. Even with all the advancements in technology that quantum mechanics have given us, we human beings—as a species—remain unwilling to advance in our potential to building our world into a world of mutual support and cooperation; two of our most basic possibilities invariably left dormant in our conscious awareness. In this we cling onto the concepts of a “me and it” and “I and thou” existence wherein we imagine ourselves separate and distinct from all others and all else. Because of this, all kinds of unnecessary suffering unfolds in our world starting with *hunger and starvation and ending with the devastations of wars upon wars and there is a lot of human suffering in between these two pillars of man’s inhumanity to man as well.

In view of all this, there are those that tell us that we must have opposition in all things—without evil there would be no good, without hate we would not know love and so forth. We are told this is clearly part of the world’s condition. It isn’t, destructive behaviors such as collective evil and hate are the result, instead of world conditioning! Evil after all is not the opposite of good and hate is not the opposite of love, at least not as we are used to thinking about these conditions: Evil evolves in the absence of good just as hate unfolds in the absence of love. The positive, the good and the constructive are all manifestations of love…all else are the inventions of human greed and self-centeredness. It can safely be said that with all the magical and miraculous science that we have been gifted in these, our times, that as a group, more scientists are busy creating weapons of destruction than anything else.

Our world can only begin to change when we—as individuals—fully grasp that we are all the same and our differences are only apparent. It is only upon this rock that we can build a safer, happier, more secure and loving world. It is in the realm of possibilities to do this; we have it in our potentials. Something to think about!

*Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger.

When we can actually realize that we are NOT separate entities and simply decide to deconstruct the centers that we imagine we exist in, we can begin to experience oneness with the world of others and other things; we can become one with the Universe or, in other words, God’s mindfulness. God, at least in my view, is Manifestation and eternal. And this is why that anything that lives cannot die…we can only change much like the particle/wave function of the electron. Call it the spiritual/physical function or matter/energy function if you like.

Just remember all along the way the world is what we make it and death too is mere concept!