The months of December and January are the coldest months for countries in the northern hemisphere like the US, Canada, and almost all of Europe. By cold, we mean freezing cold. If you are a hard working person and you would want to relax during the Christmas break; the relaxation will not come easily with such bone-chilling temperatures. No matter what you do, whichever corner of your house you opt to inhabit, you cannot escape this chill. The only way to escape this predicament is for you to go to a winter getaway place, which shall only enliven your life in this precarious season.

One such extremely beautiful, serene, hospitable and fun loving country is Costa Rica. A country located strategically close to the equator in Latin America, boats of having just 2 seasons: summer and winter or rainy season. For the purpose of serving as a winter getaway, Costa Rican winter is not actually winter per say, and actually relates to the summer seasons of the countries up north. There is no chill factor and the temperatures are extremely comfortable for the visitors, ranging in the lower degrees of centigrade to be around 15 – 20 degrees above zero. Winter season is simply restricted as an alias given to the rainy season in Costa Rica, for the purpose of creating an appeal to it by providing gusto to the people who continue enjoying it, instead of calling it the rainy season, to convey wetness, sluggishness and no enjoyment at all.

In Latin America, Costa Rica is one of the comparatively advanced countries, which is another attraction for visitors. Owing to the fact that they can avail a rather comparative standard of amenities, luxuries and infrastructure that they are accustomed to, in their homeland.

As a tourist, you will discover that Costa Rica actually hosts hundreds of unique species thriving in its lush rainforests, rivers, and seas. Due to the fact that Costa Rica is perhaps the only country in the world, which actually and seriously protects the environment by nominating a huge amount of their budget for this purpose. By spreading education amongst the natives about the advantages of doing so, it makes them realize, that the critical link connecting the humans to Mother Nature, must be protected and cared for, for ever growing dwellings to flourish. Therefore, for the visitors going to Costa Rica, it would certainly inflict a complete reunion and embracement for them of the warm, soothing side of Mother Earth.

Costa Ricans are, after all, a bunch of happy and satisfied people. They carry within themselves a sense of patriotic pride; and a sense of equality amongst both the classes of the society – the rich and the poor. In other words, the country is a nation which has successfully achieved societal equilibrium. Costa Ricans therefore, are very hospitable people with a radiating aura of goodness and compassion that is just as warm as the sun itself.

So pack your things with this reassurance, buy a ticket for the first flight out in the winter to Costa Rica, and you will not regret your decision of choosing to spend your Christmas in a country where the place and the people are the embodiment of a genuine paradise.