If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from Sleep Apnea then you probably already know what a CPAP pillow is. If you are not one of those people let me tell you a little bit about them. For people with sleep apnea they have problems breathing when they are sleeping. These breathing problems can lead to life threatening situations. In order to get around this problem for sufferers of Sleep Apnea there is a special machine called a CPAP Machine. A cpap machine is basically a continous positve airway pressure machine. what it does it if it detects that you are not breathing normally it pushes air into your lungs. This sounds simple but the reasons to have one if you have sleep apnea are not so. Although this machine was originally used only for sleep apnea it is now used globally as a form of ventilation in intensive care units worldwide. It has the ability to help prevent the constriction of your throat when the upper airway is relaxed.

The machines air pressure prevents snoring in most patients as well. And is used by some people as a fix for snoring problems. CPAP Pillows are specially contured pillows that work in conjunction with CPAP Machines. They allow your head to stay contoured to the pillow and the tubing from the machine is easily managed when using a CPAP pillow. This design is an amazing breakthough for people suffering from sleep apnea and from other people who also suffer from lung problems. It is easy to see how it is one of the fastest growing technologies in the medical device world. If you are someone that suffers from sleep apnea, lung problems, or snoring looking into a CPAP machine could be a very good investment of your time and money. The machine itself is made up of a flow generator that provides the airflow to the CPAP mask. This is attached via the hose that connects the flow generator. The interface of the machine is a mask sometimes known as a full fask mask or less commonly a lip seal mouthpiece. Optional additions to the cpap machine are a data logger and a dehumifier . The data logger can record your sleep patterns and can be diagnosed at a sleep clinic to see what the pattern of your sleep problems and disturbances are. The humidifier is used with the machine to create moisture as to not dry out your lips and your face as the air is being pushed towards your face over a lengthy amount of time. Sleeping problems affect millions of people worldwide the cpap machine and its attachements such as the CPAP pillow can aid with sleep troubles. Getting a good nights rest, and especially that of your partner if you have serious snoring problems can mean a huge difference in the quality of life you have.