Where Can You Learn CPR?

How Long Does It Take?

With 300,000 people dying every year in the USA alone from sudden cardiac arrest, isn't it time we did more? Places like Seattle have shown that there is a direct link between the numbers of ordinary men and women, just like you and me, who have attained their CPR certificate and the percentages of those likely to survive a cardiac arrest. In fact the figures are so impressive, one of the best places to have a cardiac arrest is Seattle as your chances of surviving are almost double than that of other locations.  Why?  More people having their CPR qualifications means that a bystander is more likely to be able and willing to go to your side if you need it.


So where can you learn CPR and how long goes it take?

If you don’t need a certificate for your job then you could learn CPR without leaving your home.  Both the American Heart Association and the Red Cross offer online CPR training.  If you need or want to achieve your CPR certification you will have to attend a physical class so that you can practice your skills and have them assessed.  This is a good idea for everyone as you don't want the first time you put the theory you learn into practice to be when someone’s life depends on the outcome!

The length of the class will depend on whether you take the online CPR training first and then follow it with a physical class or whether you sit the whole thing in one sitting. The latter option should take about four hours depending n your existing knowledge levels, the size of the class and the number of questions asked. You shouldn’t notice the time passing as the instructors do their best to make CPR Classes as interesting as possible.

Who needs CPR Training?

Well apart from the obvious people such as first aid responders there are many more people that should be CPR trained.  All teachers and those in charge of schools and colleges should be able to resuscitate someone.  There is a common misconception that it is only old people who suffer a cardiac arrest but this is simply not true. In fact it is quite common among athletic high school kids who may be unaware that they have a potentially fatal heart condition. 

Could CPR Training Save You Thousands?

 If you are an employer you may find that you have a duty under the Occupational Health and Safety Administration guidelines to provide not only access to CPR trained staff but also to automated external defibrillators. You need to check your responsibilities just in case someone was to fall ill on your premises.  Otherwise you could find you face a huge law suit and it would be difficult to deny liability if you have not followed OSHA guidelines.


Could having your CPR Certification Get You a Job?

Having your CPR certification could land you your dream job.  In this competitive economy would be employers are looking at loads of resumes so it pays to make yours stand out.  Gone are the days when you would do this by printing it on pink paper, hand writing it or doing something else that was considered creative.  Now it is the content of your resume that employers are most interested in.  Having achievements like passing your CPR certification will help.  It shows that you have a "get up and go" attitude to life and in this economy when more is expected from everyone this can only help.


Where can I get CPR training?

You can find many places offering CPR training but it is best to stick to two organizations.  The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are both well known for delivering excellent education and for pioneering research into new techniques and treatment to help reduce the numbers dying from sudden cardiac death.

So the last question is what are you waiting for?  Book your CPR Class today so you don't live to regret not having this knowledge!