CPU Usage 100 Percent

So your CPU usage is at 100 percent. There are many reasons that your computer could be sluggish.

  1. Spyware

  2. To many programs running

  3. iTunes

  4. Viruses

  5. Firefox

  6. McAfee


Spyware is usually the #1 reason that your computer CPU usage is 100 percent. You have to remove all those nasty programs that are slowing down your computer. The best way to remove spy-ware and restore your computer to it's original quick speed is by using Spybot Search and Destroy. Spybot is a free program but it is trusted around the internet to do the job and remove Spyware that could be slowing down your computer.

If you don't feel comfortable using free software there are plenty of options for removing Spyware. Kaspersky is the best anti-spyware and anti-virus software that is available.

To Many Programs Running

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and see how many programs are running in your task manager. If it is more then 50 then you may have a problem. The problem is specific to each computer. You may have viruses or maybe there are to many programs starting when your computer boots up.

Most likely to many programs is actually to much Spyware. Again, SpyBot and Kaspersky are the best options.


If you are using iTunes check to see if iTunes is syncing with your iPod. Sometimes what happens is that a computer user that iTunes set so that iTunes will backup all the songs on iPod every single time it is plugged in to sync. This is drastically slow down a computer. The best way to get around this is to search Google for 'stop iPod from backup'. Hopefully you will find what you need to stop your iPod from making your CPU usage go 100 percent.


Viruses is farther down the list because viruses are not as popular as they once were. Most virus makers have switched over to creating Spyware because it is more profitable for them. The easiest way of seeing if you have a virus is by using Kaspersky.


There is a bug in Firefox that sometimes makes the program grab all of the computers CPU power. This is a random bug that has not been fixed. What you can simply do is close the Firefox browser and reopen it. If you continue to have the Firefox problem of CPU usage 100 percent then your best option is to download Chrome by Google.


Many people are surprised to find that an anti-virus software will slow down a cpu. McAfee has become well known in the computer industry to slow down computers and need constant updates. I highly suggest that you uninstall McAfee and install Kaspersky instead. Kaspersky is much faster and does everything McAfee does.

Hopefully you can fix your CPU usage 100 Percent problem.